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In a country like India where in many parts other than metropolitan cities women’s are not allowed to study, take part in decision making, not allowed to pursue higher education, choosing a profession with late working hours, women empowerment is essential. Women Empowerment is an activity of raising the status of women through proper learning & guidance, bringing issues to light, education, and training. Empowering helps women in taking life decisions with ease and taking significant risks in life, which comes with the confidence, build through empowerment.

Nowadays the situation has improved a lot as most of the people are educated and became open-minded. But in few areas, some people are educated, but still, they have that old backward thinking for women’s. Women Empowerment not only help their families to have a better and educated future generation but also helps the country a lot. A country with huge population consists of all the genders and gender equality is highly essential.

Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog


What do you mean by empowerment?

Empowerment means giving power to someone.In simple language, it is to encourage a person to achieve what he wants to achieve. It includes building self- determination to work for their interest, live a life of his dreams, and be responsible for their own life rather than depending upon someone.

Why women’s empowerment is essential?

Every country has a different ratio of women as compared to men. But, in India with a total population of 1.37 billion in which we have approx 950 females per 1000 of males the growth of the country is incomplete without a woman.As, half of the population consists of women. Empowering women means giving power to women so that they can build self-confidence in them to achieve heights. They can stand up for themselves as well as for weak people in the society, helping women to lead a successful life.

There was a time when women’s were considered very weak physically and mentally as well. But, now the time has changed a lot and women have proved to the society that they are equally equipped and talented as men’s are. A woman is the one who is an idol for a child because a child spends maximum time with his mother and by looking at a woman who is prosperous and filled with lots of quality a child can learn a lot and most important lesson is to respect other women.

Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Women Empowerment in India:

India is a diverse country with different culture, language, weather condition, and different belief. With so much cultural difference, it is tough to change one’s belief because that’s what it has been taught since childhood to them. In India, women empowerment depend upon many factors like age, social status like caste, education, a geographical location like urban or rural area, etc.

The government has formed policies on women empowerment on national, state and Panchayat level but in most of the cases, it is not implemented by people which includes gender inequality, lack of mobility to women, no access to education, early marriage, lack of good health facility, no decision making power & violence. We can say that the situation in urban areas in India is much better as compared to rural areas due to the high influence of foreign culture and educated people.

But, in urban areas situation is still worst where men mistreat women’s, girls are not allowed to be educated, they are not a part of decision making, and sometimes they have to bear violence by their husband’s, parents or in-laws because they are considered very weak in the society.

Are Women Weak? 

Why women’s are considered weak? Are they physically not eligible to kick a guy who made her life hell. Or, she is so weak mentally that could not handle loneliness and choose this path for herself?

No, a woman is not weak, in my opinion. She is one creature of God to whom God has chosen to give birth to another creature. A woman is a mother, sister, wife, daughter who takes care of her family with love and affection.But, if the situation arises she can be as cruel as “Devi Kaali” who is considered as the destroyer of evil forces. No women is physically or mentally weak; it’s just the upbringing which builds this perception in the society.

If we go with the idea of women empowerment for only urban areas of India, then it’s just an incomplete growth of our country. We have to educate maximum people to let them know that respect women, give them power and, it will help in the country’s growth as well as future growth of family.

You may read a few articles on women empowerment to have more knowledge about it.


Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog


How can we empower women?

  • Empowering women is possible by giving education to your girls.And, allowing them to study as much as they want to instead of saving for their marriage save for their higher studies.
  • Support women if they are thinking out of the box and push them to achieve heights.
  • Give them importance because they are not less than men. Allow them to take their own decisions and consider their decisions in small and big activities of your life.
  • Help a new mom to take care of her infant as well as to continue her career as men’s do.
  • Most important that never leave a chance to make your woman realize that you support her.


So, as a conclusion, I will say that no country is developed if the women in their society are not free or happy. A country or universe consists of both men and women so we have to go hand in hand rather than just following men’s oriented society. An uneducated woman cannot teach her child how to grow in life. She cannot tell which path to follow, how to respect other woman. We can say that parents are an idol for a child and both parents should be educated to some extent so that they can pass that knowledge to their loved ones.

If you have any opinion on this topic, then do not forget to share it with me in the comments section. Or, if you have any story to share, then please do so.

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