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“Self confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings” well said by Samuel Johnson.

In today’s world self confidence is something which is highly required to deal with many problems and opportunities in life. This means to be sure about your decisions, power and ability to do tasks or handle day to day life. In our daily life we see people with both low and high esteem which comes with time. But self-confidence is really very important to live a happy and healthy life. It helps in feeling motivated, charged, and enthusiastic in every situation.

Self confidence, Self Confidence, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Importance of Self-confidence:

Self-confidence is very important for every individual. As our technology is growing fast so do people are growing every moment. Lets discuss the importance of this with an example:

When we enter in school, we are taught in the same way by the teacher as the other students in the class. But, when teacher ask any question only few students are able to raise hands and answer the same. This happens because may be other students don’t know the answer, or some know the answer but not confident enough to raise hands and answer. Specially for those students with low confidence who never raise hands instead of knowing the answer teacher count them in the crowd of below average students.

So this happens every time in life and to separate yourself from crowd you should have enough self-confidence. As per the studies confidence is helpful in dealing with social problems, depression, good physical and mental health and personal growth.

Confidence is directly linked with happiness. People with high self-confidence tend to be more happy and satisfied from life as compare to others. Since young age a student with more self- confidence perform better and school and score high marks. An employee with more self-confidence meet targets more easily and have more job satisfaction.

How to build confidence and self esteem:

Self confidence, Self Confidence, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Building confidence is not one time activity, it takes a lot of time and patience to build confidence in yourself. Sometimes, it is seen that parents works a lot on their child to build their self-confidence by praising their small activities, pushing them to take part in school and other curriculum,which help them to grow better.

The above mentioned points can even ruin a child. Since childhood a child is appreciated by parents to build their self confidence. Sometimes the self confidence became so high in that child that he is not able to differentiate between good or bad. So, as a parent you should know a border line where to stop. Self confidence should also be in limits otherwise rather than giving benefits, it will take you to the stage of depression.

As upbringing play a very vital role in building self-confidence but there are few people with low self-esteem in childhood but done wonders in young age. Lets understand this with an example

Self-confidence Examples:

Everyone knows “Albert Einstein” as a noble prize winner in 1921 in Physics for discovering law of photoelectric effect. But do anyone know that he was suffering from a problem called “dyslexia” in his childhood?

In “Dyslexia” a child is not able to catch so quickly as compared to other child. Due to this problem, he was a slow learner, very shy and quiet child. He was so low in self esteem that he had to practice what he wanted to say which is interpreted as stupidity by some people. With such low self esteem he spend all his childhood & his success story is not hidden from anyone. So, through this example you can make out that time is not the same and with practice and believing in yourself you can build self-confidence at any age.

Confident vs Low-confidence behavior:

Self confidence, Self Confidence, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

  1. A person who is confidence do what he likes or according to the planning done. However, a non-confident person behaves as per the society. Their behavior and activities change according to what society says and people think of them.
  2. Nobody is perfect and mistakes can be done by anyone. But, a confident person accept his mistake and learn from them.On the other hand, a non-confident person try to hide the mistake or blame others or situation for the same.
  3. A confident person is a risk taker and always willing to try new things. A non-confident person is not interested to take the risk and try to be in a comfort zone.

Steps required to be confident:

Building self-confidence is not a five minutes process but yes it is also not as difficult as seems to be. The only key step which is required to be self-confident is to be determined towards your goals, proper planning, distributing the big goals in to tiny achievements and accelerating towards success.

1. Work for your goals:

It is extremely important that you should set a goal in life which you really want to achieve and work for it. Make a positive mindset and note down small steps which are required to achieve those goals. Setting goals is very easy task but start working on it and sticking to the same during all ups and downs is a true example of a self confident person.

2. Remember your achievements:

If you moving towards a journey of becoming self-confident then it is very important that you should see and appreciate your achievements in life. Success and achievements need a lot of hard work and planning and take time to remember those beautiful moments of your life.Just keep in your mind that “You can win“.

3. Know your strength:

Each and everyone of us have their strength and weaknesses so to be successful you need to focus on your strength and work on your weaknesses. Do in which you are good enough and which are your strength and nobody can stop you to achieve that success.

4. Distribute your big goals in small set of goals:

After deciding what you want to achieve in life you need to distribute that goals into small steps to achieve the same. This ensure that after every step you are one step ahead of your big goal. By gaining success in each step your self-confidence boost automatically.

5. Train yourself to be better than others:

To build self-confidence you need to generate the skills which makes you different from others. Self-confidence comes automatically when you have any special skills or knowledge with you which makes you special and people depend upon you to gain that knowledge. Train yourself so that you can build this kind of special knowledge in yourself.

So my friends, self-confidence is directly proportionate to success in life. As much success you achieve your self-confidence boost automatically. And, with proper planning and right focus everything is achievable.

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5Self confidence, Self Confidence, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLogSelf confidence, Self Confidence, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLogSelf confidence, Self Confidence, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLogSelf confidence, Self Confidence, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLogSelf confidence, Self Confidence, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog
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