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“The best feeling in the world is knowing that you actually mean something to someone”

As a human being, we all wanted to love and be loved. Love is a beautiful feeling which one could have because true love and relationships are tough to achieve. Every relationship is unique, whether you are newly married or dating someone since long. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all follow relationship goals, which help us to boost our relationship.

Nobody can teach you how you can make your partner feel special because you know better what he likes. But, there are few practices which you can follow in your relationship which can give a boost to it and make your relationship stronger. As everyone is different so there may be chances that few tips will not work for you but as you move deep into that relationship you can find yourself perfect in dealing with the problems.

No relation is perfect and to get that perfection a couple has to go through a lot in their life. A relationship has many phases. The initial stage is charming and has a lot of excitement in it. Then, a period comes where a couple has to deal with many families, interest, & responsibility issues. Gold also have to go through a lot of refinery process, which makes it so valuable and precious. Same as relationship also have to go through a lot of difficulties to build a strong bond which is forever.

Let’s discuss ten relationship goals tips which can make your bonding stronger.

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Understanding is the key:

It is not necessary that every word or feelings need to be expressed. There may be a time when one partner is feeling low or not in a mood to talk, and another partner needs to understand by their body language or experience. Understanding is the crucial factor which helps in making any relationship stronger. When a relationship gets aged, many responsibilities come with it, and it became more than just making love and having sex. At that point, it is possible that due to frustration or lack of words your partner may not be able to understand you. But, as the relationship grows, understanding comes automatically.

To build an understanding with your partner, try to speak and discuss day to day life. Express your feelings and try to look what your partner is expecting fro you at the moment.

Relationship Goals, Relationship Goals, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Don’t stretch on Arguments  

There is no relationship without arguments. As different individuals, situations arise when thinking does not match with each other, which leads to arguments. But make sure that you don’t go to bed without solving the same. By this practice, you can solve your issues more quickly and sleep with a free head without worries. But yes, if the issue is big and you need time to cool down, then surely take your time. Try to solve the problems with a cooler head and talk on your issues with each other effectively. Rather than shouting and showing anger, try to explain your point of view with patience and low pitch. This will help in making other people understand you more effectively.

Relationship Goals, Relationship Goals, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Communicate & chit-chat 

Communicating with your partner is integral for a strong bond in a relationship. Make sure to communicate daily face to face and share your feelings and daily routine, and this will help in building a strong bond and an emotional connection with your partner. When you share your opinions and understand others feel it is going to boost your relationship.

Communicating is one of the relationship goals which you cannot ignore.

Talking is integral to solve half of the issues. When we don’t express our feelings, whether it is good or bad, it tends to hit our mind and create misunderstanding. But proper communication between couples makes their relationship strong & builds understanding between them.

Relationship Goals, Relationship Goals, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Give some space

Giving space may sound a little weird, but the fact is that giving space to your partner and taking space for what you love is essential. Life before and after the relationship is different, and each phase has its beautiful moments to cherish. There may be times when you can miss hanging out with friends and go for a friend’s night out. And, when your partner does not allow you to do that, then you can feel suffocated been into such a relationship.

Giving that space not always leads to differences in a relationship. But, most of the times, such space is required and that “Me time” is needed very badly to free some vacuum of that relation. Personal time is a must where you can do what you like, follow your passion, and chill out with friends. “You time” helps you knowing yourself better and self-love. After all, you can give love to others only if you are happy.

A bit of personal space and little time our from each other is always healthy for a relationship to work and last.

Relationship Goals, Relationship Goals, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Intimate with your partner:

A healthy intimate life is integral for a stronger bond between couples. Couples should intimate at least once in a week because intimating bring them closer emotionally & mentally as well. Nowadays, life became so busy that sometimes due to tiredness or lack of time a couple is not able to come closer to each other. This can cause lack of interest between them.

One of the relationship goals is intimacy, which may sound as regular life routine but have a significant impact on a relationship. Sex is a human need, and if the sex life is exciting, then a relationship has more satisfaction and understanding. There may be times when sex life became boring due to a busy schedule, but a couple should work on making it work.

Relationship Goals, Relationship Goals, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Do Fun Activities:

Even after few years of relationship, couple can have fun and do activities like water sports or other indoor games. These activities not only helps in giving that break from the daily schedule but also act as a refreshment in the relationship. Let that child in you come out and sometime behaving like a kid makes couple bond even stronger.

Behaving mature every time can be boring so even if you are in your late 40′ choose fun activities which both you and your partner like. Believe me, you will love doing it as it just add few special moments with your partner which you can cherish later.

Relationship Goals, Relationship Goals, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Prioritize your relationship:

Life became so busy and we all are running after either having on the top position and increasing our bank balance. But, in this race some times we leave our relationship behind & when we look back its too late. So, earning bread and butter is important but take your relationship hand in hand. Take our time for your partner by making sudden date plan, it boost that excitement. You should be available when your partner needs you either physically or on call.

Prioritizing your relationship not only make your bond stronger but also you both have that kind of trust within you that the other person is with me.

Relationship Goals, Relationship Goals, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Accept Changes:

Changes are the part of life and life is not the same every time. To set relationship goals one should be acceptable to the changes in life. There are many phase in human life which slowly and gradually change them as a person. Some phases leads to positive change and other leads to negative change. When you decide to be in a relationship and accept other person as your partner, it is very important that you can accept their negative and positive aspects as well.

For example, a person cannot always look and feel happy. There are many issues in life which are related to health, office, finance and so on. So, instead of expecting a happy go lucky person in your partner try to accept there downs as well. This leads to make you love unbreakable and your relationship will be like a strong pillar.

Relationship Goals, Relationship Goals, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Be Honest:

Honesty is one of the relationship goals which act as an adhesive for your relationship. Honesty here means purity in your thoughts, not being dis-honest, telling the truth, saying what’s there in your mind. Don’t tell lie to your partner in any circumstance because if your love is true and your partner trust you then any lie will work as a poison in your relationship.

It takes a long time to build a strong bond but seconds to break it. So, be honest and say truth even if it is bitter.

Relationship Goals, Relationship Goals, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Help each other grow:

Relationship is all about loving and helping each other in day to day life. A strong bond is one which help each other to grow better in life. Growing better in terms of what you are as a person, dedication towards work and home both and loving what you have. There may be times that one partner can get distracted from their life goals then its a duty of other partner to show the right path.

Men and women both should be given equal chance and opportunities to work and show the required amount of dedication for work and home both. After marriage it is expected that a woman should do household work however, her interest and passion is office work. A best relationship is one who understand each other’s passion and support them to work on it. You can also read my blog on life after marriage to know more about it.

Relationship Goals, Relationship Goals, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

I hope I am able to out some light on the “relationship goals” which is not as difficult to achieve. You just need some dedication and lots of love for your partner and you are sorted. Love should not come with any condition or rule book but a little but of efforts and care can make any relationship stronger. You can read more about it from here.

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