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Being single is not such an easy job. An individual needs to be strong enough to handle all ups and downs of their own. The society in which we live is not open-minded for life of a single to accept a person without marriage or a relationship. A person once entered teenage life is expected to have a relationship. After crossing the age of 18, he/she is expected to prepare for marriage mentally or to get married.

Is the life of a single bad? Is that full of loneliness & depression? Or it is another way around?

There may be circumstances when the other person is not able to fulfill your expectations. This leads to disappointment & dissatisfaction from life. As a human being, we always love what’s there in other’s plate. But in reality, everyone is dealing with their problems and life issues. While talking to many people, I realized that now most of the people don’t want to be in a relationship. And, this is becoming a new trend in our society.


Life of a Single, Life of a Single, Hope Hapiness

1. Fly like a free bird:

Do whatever the hell you want to do. Craving for pizza at midnight? Order that and eat as much as you want without someone taunting Oh baby!!!! Don’t eat so much you will be out of shape!!

Go for a trip with your friends without even thinking about the responsibilities a relationship required as you are single. Watch “Game of Thrones” like a king with a tub full of popcorn. And, nobody is going to snatch the remote from you to watch a cricket series.Life of a Single, Life of a Single, Hope HapinessLife of a Single, Life of a Single, Hope HapinessLife of a Single, Life of a Single, Hope Hapiness

In short, a single person enjoys more freedom as compared to a person in a relationship. In the workplace also, a single person can be more dedicated and work for long hours.This is because his main concentration will be his work as no one is waiting for him at home for coffee. This may sound very lonely, but believe me, it gives you more space for yourself.

Life of a Single, Life of a Single, Hope Hapiness

2. Meeting new people:

I have seen that a person who already is into a relationship have some limitations which make them hesitated to talk to new and unique people around them. You can experiment with life because after all, you are not going to be committed in a relationship. So, try many online dating sites which can be fun as you meet new people with a different mindset and different liking.

As you are single, so doing a casual chit chat over facebook or Tinder can never be harmful. Enjoy life and make new experiences.

Life of a Single, Life of a Single, Hope Hapiness

3. You are king of your life:

No matter what are the cons of being single, but nobody can deny the fact that everyone wants there life in their control. As an individual, you are the king of your life and decision maker of all the big and small decisions. You are the one who will decide that what needs to be cooked, how to spend money, how much to save, and what to spend, & no one is going to question you for that.

If you are a single mother then “Life after Divorce” must be going difficult with kids, but non the less you should be happy about being the head of the family and taking all the right decisions for your loved ones.

You should give time to pamper yourself, go for a spa, watch movies, eat what you like, and take the right decision for yourself.

4. Shower love on yourself:

One of the best thing which being single can add on to your life is loving yourself. When we are in a relationship, our all focus turn to a single person and we always think about making our partner happy by doing things which he/she likes, that’s because we love our partner. But, what happen if we are single? You can focus on the things you like, make yourself happy, love yourself as the most important thing to be happy and satisfied in life is to love yourself first and then to others.

5. No help in household work:

That’s a big con of being single; You have to do all the household work from buying groceries to cleaning kitchen and home all by yourself. Off-course you can hire a house helper, but house helper cannot do all the household work which your partner can do. That’s the time when you can miss having a partner in your life when you get tired of doing everything all alone and want some support. But, this need for help is for short term because, in the long run, you will enjoy the benefits of being single.


Life of a Single, Life of a Single, Hope Hapiness

6. Happy couples can make you jealous:

When you are single, you may avoid going to social events because of the pressure of society to get married. Also, when you see happy couples, you might feel offended and jealous because you will miss that part of your life. It is a human tendency that whenever we don’t have any particular thing in life, we miss it and once we get it, we don’t value it.

Likewise, watching a happy couple in front of you can be a tacky moment for you as it will remind you of what you don’t have instead of thinking what comfortable life you are living being single.


Life of a Single, Life of a Single, Hope Hapiness

7. Less Drama in your life:

Have you had your food? What are you wearing baby? Do you love me? You don’t have time for me now??

Ahhh!!! Too much of drama, who ask so many questions and that also these bullshit one?

If you are in a relationship, then you must be pissed off hearing this kind of cheesy questions. I prefer being single because I am not answerable to anyone. Love doesn’t need to be answered in words; it is shown through your body language, activities & care when you need your partner. So, congrats you singles you are not answerable to anyone.

8. You became a stronger person:

Do it all alone: Grocery shopping, cooking, gardening, office job, cleaning & other days to day activities. You are managing your house finance and looking after the house with so much balance in your life. Doing all this in itself is a challenging task, and once you do it, the situation makes you way stronger than you are.

You are handling 100% duties with no financial help, which give you a feeling of strength that you can feel everything all alone.

9. Control on emotional and sexual needs:

You don’t have a shoulder to cry on or share your problems. You will not have a partner 24*7 who can fulfill your sexual needs. So, you need to keep control of your emotions at times.

Keeping control on emotional needs is not easy, but once you become a master in it, you don’t require anyone in your life.

10. You don’t have companion of traveling:

If you have good friends or you are a solo traveler, then this point is a total waste for you. But, when nobody is around you or all your friends are married, then you have no option left either sitting at home or become a solo traveler.

I have seen most of the people who travel all alone, and they don’t need any company. So try to find happiness in solo traveling because there you can explore more places and can experiment with different things.

Life of a Single, Life of a Single, Hope Hapiness


I hope you find this article helpful and by this, I can say that being single is a bit difficult in terms of the norms of society, emotional pressure, financial stability & much more but married life or relationships also have their issues. So, you need to decide what kind of person you are and how you want to live your life. You may also read some other books meant for this topic which says “life is what you make it

Please mention your valuable comments below and let me know your thoughts about the same and if you prefer to be single or in a relationship.

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