Human life is all about changes in every phase of their life but marriage is one of the biggest change which can happen to anyone. Is it good or bad that we will discuss later in this article but yes for both men & women this change is important and beauty of life rely on how both of you try to understand each other. Marriage is one of the important aspects especially in Indian culture where after a girl cross 24 and boy cross 26 years of age parents starts pressurizing them for marriage. Life after marriage totally depends upon how you see it.

Being a married woman I can definitely tell that how life changes after marriage for a man and woman as well.

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness

Do I really need to get Married?

No not at all, this decision should be completely yours which depends upon how much you want someone (Partner) in your life. You should never get married just because you are over-age or your parents is after your life to do so because at last you are the one who is going to be in that situation and if you are not happy in doing that thing then you can never make anyone else happy. In fact, in every situation of life a sad person cannot make others happy because he/she him/herself not feeling good about the situation.

Will my life will be the same after marriage as it was before?

When we change a job we met new people get to do new sort of work which is somehow different from the prior one. Same as when we get married it’s not only a man you are married to, you got married to a whole family especially in India. Life can never be same as we grow up, with age we get a lot of responsibilities and people start expecting a lot from you which you didn’t cared earlier in life. So, how good or bad a marriage can be totally depends upon your tendency to ignore or accept things which people expect from you. So, like every other decision change your life marriage also changes your life a bit.

Life after marriage for a Man

If you think that for a man life is always the same then it’s not right because a man always keep balance between his wife and his parents. Life becomes more serious for them as they have a new responsibility to which they have to give time. Understanding a human being is a very difficult task and a man is the main thread of connection between his wife and mother. So, a sensible man can only do this task better and with age 90% of man became more sensible and patience.

Life after marriage for a Woman

A woman leaves her family home where she was living last so many years so that’s the biggest jerk of her life. But if she gets a man who supports her, love her then things become easier on the go. Being into a new house with new people takes time to adjust and that’s completely normal. For both partners, life have some responsibilities of job, family, baby and much more but yes my personal opinion is keep that little kid alive in you because life is all about being happy and full of fun.

Is it good or bad?

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness

Marriage is no doubt is very beautiful feeling because you have a partner who cares for you, loves you unconditionally, you fight, you love, became best friend of each other because this is a strong bond. Everything takes times and a good marriage is a synonym of being patience and ignoring what bothers you. Nobody is perfect and nobody is bad, it’s just change of perspective & for a successful marriage you need to understand and respect each other’s perspective rather than just giving up on each other.

Everything is good if a person knows how to be happy in life. All couples are different so never compare your relationship and partner with other couples because you never know the real story of other side. Life is so beautiful with or without marriage so enjoy every bit of it. Spread love and you will surely get it back.

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5Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope HapinessLife after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope HapinessLife after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope HapinessLife after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope HapinessLife after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness
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