“Divorce” is a very small word to listen and we might have said this 100 times to our partner in anger that “I want divorce” but when it actually happens it has many adverse affects on the life of the victim. It may lead to loneliness, depression & other financial issues.

Sometimes inspite of so many efforts in a marriage it doesn’t work and a couple decides to get separated from each other and start a new life. Sometimes this decision is taken early in the marriage and sometimes it takes years to decide that there is no compatibility in this relationship. As after marriage life changes completely same after divorce life take 360° turn especially if you have a kid.

Life after divorce is very different for both man and woman. Basically, it’s a situation when you have nobody with you and you feel lonely, unhappy and frustrated about life and this thing became more severe when you are financially dependent upon the other partner. There are ways to come out of this situation and handle this phase with patience. So here are few tips on how to deal with divorce:


1. Get more social:

Divorce is a phase where you feel so lonely in life and isolating yourself is never a solution. Isolation can make your problem even more worst so try to be social in life by meeting friends, go to family gatherings or just sit and chill with your loved ones. This will give you a feeling that there are many people who loves you and care for you.

2. Financial Stability:

If you are someone who was financially dependent on your partner so the first thing you need to do after divorce is making yourself financially stable. Find a job or work as a freelance if you have a kid at home so that the work will keep you busy and simultaneously you can earn something out of it. Being financially stable is very important for every woman to gain that respect and confidence in society.

3. Read Books:

Sometimes reading motivational books can be a life changing decision. Books works as a best friend in case of depression. By reading them you can feel motivated and keep yourself busy. Read what you like for e.g. motivational, comedy, fictional or murder mystery and it helps you to feel good about the day and in this way instead of thinking anything negative you can pass your time by doing what you like.

4. Take Professional Help:

Next situation which may occur in case you are mentally weak with no family support is “Professional help”. Consulting someone from outside is not wrong at all until unless he/she gives you the right advice and show you the right way. Professional helps not only handle your situation wisely but also show you the way on “How to be happy”. You can share your point of view with them and discuss how you feel after divorce, what are the things which makes you feel bad till now as well. Sharing is the best practice when you are feeling lonely in life.

5. Find yourself:

When we  are very busy it is very difficult to listen the voice of our soul but, when we are alone for a long time it gives us the pleasure to find the actual person inside us. We know better whether what we are doing is right or wrong so during this bad time of your life instead of loosing hope you should work to groom up yourself. Find things which actually makes you happy, find your weaknesses and work to make them your strength.

Do what your soul is asking you and make yourself a better person.

6. Make friends:

Meeting new people not only helps you to get involved in a new environment but also make sure that you will not discuss your past with them. Making new friends is very helpful in coming out of the stage of depression. New people don’t know what happened in your past so there is less chances that they will ask you any questions about the same. When you talk less about something which makes your depress you tend you feel less bad about it.

7. Stop thinking a lot:

When we think too much about our bad memories it tend to drag us more towards it. So when these negative thoughts will come its better to indulge yourself in some other activity instead of keep thinking about it.

As a human being its natural that your mind will think about those past memories again and make you depress. Think about them for a while and then try to switch and think some moments in your life or if your mind is getting more negative then start doing some other work which involve your brain.

8. Move on in life:

Never leave an opportunity to move on life because life not always gives a second chance. If you think that another person who entered in your life after divorce can take care of you and love you after knowing that you are a divorcee then don’t let him/her go. Love is much needed in life be it family or friends and moving on is important in life because life never stop for anyone. Be it a relationship, job or thoughts just move on and let go the past memories which hurts you. You can read related books available on Amazon as “Moving on in life“.

9. Learn power to forgive:

Forgiving is the best practice to move on in life and keep yourself satisfied. Divorce is a process of mental stress and the situation which leads to divorce is even more heart breaking. May be you have suffered a lot in that relationship or your partner hurt you physically and mentally. But, dragging those old bad memories with you not only lead to ruin your present but also you will never be able to come out of those memories. So, learn to forgive no matters what that person had done with you but if you will build this power in yourself you will get way to let go things and concentrate on your present.

10. Take care of yourself:

After getting divorce “We” as a couple turned into “I” which means that you have to take care of yourself now. Weather you are in a relationship or single you should never depend upon the other person to care for you or fulfill your demands. Taking care of yourself is very important for each one of us because we as an individual knows better what is good for us and in the back of our mind what we want. So, after divorce it is even more important to love yourself and make yourself happy.


So my friends these were few tips which I personally feel should be very helpful in dealing with divorce. Although, this blog is all about divorce and how to deal with it but for all those who is coping up with difficult marriage I would suggest that rather than thinking about divorce first try to solve the issues by keeping your ego aside.


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