How to handle a Wife / How to handle a Husband


Being a married woman I can say that rather than thinking about handling someone which sounds like a burden. You should think about understanding a wife or a husband which looks more positive way to grow with your spouse. To make a relationship beautiful it is very important to understand each other’s personality and accept the best and worst in both of you. I have written many articles on relationship like “Relationship Goals” & “Life of a Single” so you might be interested in these topics. In this article particularly we will try to understand human behaviour so that we can get to know the need of your spouse and there expectations from you. Also, we will discuss on how to build a harmonious relationship if one of the spouse is nagging in nature.

1. Make your partner feel beautiful:

Everyone wants to be praised by there partner and specially woman want their husband to appreciate her on small things. It cost nothing if you takeout 2 minutes time from your whole day to appreciate and show some romance to your better half. Every women is beautiful in her own way and husband’s should find out the best thing they like in their wife. Do not feel shy in praising her beauty and look into her eyes to show some love. These small steps work like a bridge for a healthy relationship. In a relationship both husband wife work really hard and adjust at every stage of life. So, some sweet words from your spouse works as a booster and gives you the power to ignore some bad things which you don’t like in her/him.

2. No Comparison Please:

You must have seen few couples in public which you may consider as “Perfect Couple”. But, there is no such words as perfect couple in my opinion. They seems to be perfect because they have accepted each other’s flaws and respect there decisions. Also, if after watching them you feel that your relationship doesn’t matches with them at all. Then, I would say that every relationship is different and no relationship or person should be compared with each other.

There may be times when in anger you compare your wife with your friend’s wife. But, you should never forget that each person has different skill set. So, if you are comparing your wife on the basis of cooking skills with other woman then there may be case that your wife is better in some other skill set where that woman is a failure. By doing this you are just growing a seed of jealousy, which is again a negative feeling. And don’t forget that you can also be compared with other man around which is obviously not a best feeling at all.

3. Mind your words:

Sometimes we become very harsh in our words while we are angry. It is very difficult to control your anger specially for the people who are short tempered. We tend to show our anger by abusing someone or using harsh words which will hurt the other person for whom it is said. If you are seeking for a healthy and good relationship with your spouse then instead of being loud you should try to avoid the situation. And, once your mind calm down then you should talk about the issue with your spouse because at that point your brain is cool enough to listen to the other side of the story.

“Anger doesn’t solve anything. It builds nothing, but it can destroy everything”

4. Understand one’s personality:

If you want to have a strong bond with your spouse it is very necessary to deeply know each other’s personality. If we will take an example of a wife than you need to know her likes, dislikes, nature so that you will have an idea that what are the topics which she is not interested in. And, how to tackle her when she is angry. Some people wants to be alone in anger however, others wants special attention and pampering. You have to behave according to your spouse liking to some extent to build that special place in each other’s heart.

5. Celebrate every small occasions:

Celebration is necessary not only to pamper your spouse but also for you own inner soul. We should not wait for big occasions to come because there are only few big events in life. In fact, you should live every moment as a big event. This is going to make your life bit easier and different from the daily routine work. This is a process of making life more enjoyable and added special moments with each other which is unforgettable. For example, women’s love surprises which is not necessarily an expensive one. So, surprise her by showing how much you love her in the form of a flower or a card etc. Slowly, you will notice that you both will have so many special moments in life which will overlap the bad times and flaws within you.

6. Do not stretch the conflict:

Conflict is an integral part of a relationship. It’s very obvious that if two people are living together then they will disagree on few topics. There may be times when conflicts can heat up a lot and turn into big fights. But, to live a peaceful life you should avoid stretching these disagreements for long to avoid fights. In my opinion, a couple should try to solve the matter ASAP by having discussion on the same. If one’s ego is coming forward the other spouse should keep his/her ego apart and talk on the issue. This will ensure that you never extend the issue to a worst level and all the possibilities of big fights can be avoided.

7. Avoid Arguments:

As I always say that arguments are necessary for a relationship. In this way you will be able to throw out some negativity out of your mind instead of pilling up everything since years and burst out one day. But, unnecessary arguments or disagreement on everything is very harmful for a marriage alliance. An argument is considered to be healthy when it is of short term and the duration is once in a month. If, the argument in your relationship is very frequent then you should think about the reason of it. And, if you and your spouse disagree on most of the topics then avoiding those topics will be the best solution. For example, If you wants holiday in Paris however, your husband wants to go to Melbourne then, instead of arguing on this topic you should find out a place where both of you wants to go together. After all, more than the place of holiday your companion matters a lot.

8. Help each other:

A marriage relationship is a strong bond created by destiny and one should keep putting efforts to make it even stronger. We are humans and we tend to get tired physically and mentally both. It’s a responsibility of your spouse (better half) to share both good and bad times with you. Both partners should find ways to help his/her spouse in daily activities. For example, A husband should helps his wife in some household work or if he is too busy then he can give some break to his wife by occasionally cooking. Same way a wife should also share her husband’s burden of earning alone and do some part time work to contribute in house expenses. This way you both will be able to value each other and respect will increase.




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