How to be Happy in Life


Happiness is not something which can be learned in school and applied in real life but it is a feeling which come from inside. Happiness is a feeling of satisfaction, joy & having a clear mindset in all problems. Every time no one can feel jolly, satisfied so how to be happy in life for a longer period of time?

“How to be happy in life” is a tricky question but one can achieve this happiness by applying few tips and tricks in daily routine which is going to help them in long run. Being happy is really important for our own health and also for people around us. So lets discuss some practices which we can follow to be happy.

How to be Happy in life, How to be Happy in Life, Hope Hapiness

1. Feeling Best about yourself:

Humans get more inclined towards negativity instead of positivity. This phase means that we as a human gets negative thoughts more often then positive one. So, to be happy it is very necessary that we focus on our best things which can be our achievements, our best moments, our strength and other things which makes us feel good about our self.  Everybody have negative aspect of life and to be happy it is very necessary to let go that phase and focus on the positive one.

2. Change your Thinking:

Life never stops for anyone its goes on, so it is very important that with time we should change our thinking process and grow our mindset according to the situation. Technology is developing and so do people so we have to walk hand in hand with the time and think according to what the situation is. Rigid mindset always lead to unhappy mind. For example; If you get rejected in an interview then instead of feeling bad about it find out the reason behind it, prepare yourself & learn what is required and appear for the interview again.

3. Give time to what you love:

In this busy schedule we are just busy in earning more and more money which is hampering our mindset a lot. We sit in front of the laptop for long hours to finish the target work and never get time to do things which actually of our interest and makes us happy. For earning bread and butter doing 9 to 5 job is necessary but whenever we have time we should never miss a chance to do our hobbies like painting, gardening, dancing or any other thing. This works as a therapy which makes our mind relax and gives us that stamina and power to handle negativity.

How to be Happy in life, How to be Happy in Life, Hope Hapiness

4. Stop addiction to Social Media:

Social Media is one of the negative aspect which is has a big impact on our brain. Now a days, most of the people watch YouTube, Facebook and Instagram in their free time which may entertain you for a while but slowly and gradually you will see that your mind started feeling tired and you feel depress about yourself. This happens because social media is full of fakeness and everyone posting on there show their best but you never see their lows. That’s the reason you feel depress that everyone’s life is perfect except you but actually this is not true. So, reduce using this social media and don’t let it impact your life.

How to be Happy in life, How to be Happy in Life, Hope Hapiness

5. Never Escape from your problems:

Problem occurs in everybody’s life but you should know how to deal with it. Escaping from problems is even more worst option where the problem seems to be more horrified and bigger as it is in reality.Running away from problems never resolves it and back of the mind you will think about the same and feel bad. So, instead face the problem so that you will feel strong and confident enough. This way you will be able to feel satisfied and strong and take one step ahead of happiness.

6. Explore what makes you happy:

As we all are different so the meaning of happiness is different for all of us. For some happiness comes with family & having warm chit chat with them & for others happiness means traveling and explore places. So, to be happy it is very important that you should know the real ways or activities which makes you happy. Indulge in those things more often and you will find yourself more cheerful and happy.

7. Make your life Goals:

How to be Happy in life, How to be Happy in Life, Hope Hapiness

Instead of walking in an unknown road you should find the goals of your life and walk on the same road which helps you to achieve that goal. For example: If you are a  person who loves fitness so make your daily plan accordingly which includes diet chart, exercise, going to gym and all other things which is required.

8. Well wishers are important:

Now a days, finding a true friend or a true person in your life is very difficult. But being surrounded by such people always makes us feel protected and secure. Parents are always our well wishers, so if you don’t have a true friend then makes your parents your best friend. Believe me there is no better person than parents to share your lows and highs.

9. Talk to someone:

Being reserved is good sometimes but when you are unhappy then this reserve nature can be a curse in few cases. So whenever you feel low or bad about your self, you should talk to someone you feel is a good listener. There is a saying that “happiness increases & sadness reduces on sharing with others” which is actually true. In-fact when you share your problems with a genuine person you will feel relieved and relax at the same time.

How to be Happy in life, How to be Happy in Life, Hope Hapiness

10. Be Grateful for at-least one thing before you sleep:

We always crib about what bad happened in our life but very few people thank for what good god has given to them. So the best way to feel satisfied about life and happy is that before you go to bed you should think one activity which happened in the entire day for which you are grateful to god. When you compare your life with someone who is better than you then at the same time you should compare your life with someone who is inferior than you and should be always grateful for whatever god has kept for you in his bucket.

How to be Happy in life, How to be Happy in Life, Hope Hapiness
How to be Happy in Life

11. Be optimistic:

Optimistic view helps in solving many big problems in life. It gives you that strength and power to handle worst situation with a peaceful mind. Try to be as optimistic as you can so that people can get motivated from you.

12. Look positivity in your every experience:

This point is very difficult to follow but if you are someone who look after the positive side in your each experience then you are very close to that ultimate happiness. There are times when everything which happens with us is bad and worst then instead of getting demotivated and depressed we should think that may be that thing is not good for us that’s why it didn’t happened.Mindset: How Positive Thinking Will Set You Free & Help You Achieve Massive Success In Life 

So my friends being happy may sound difficult sometimes but with our continuous efforts and positive approach towards life we can definitely be able to pass through with that difficult phase.


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5How to be Happy in life, How to be Happy in Life, Hope HapinessHow to be Happy in life, How to be Happy in Life, Hope HapinessHow to be Happy in life, How to be Happy in Life, Hope HapinessHow to be Happy in life, How to be Happy in Life, Hope HapinessHow to be Happy in life, How to be Happy in Life, Hope Hapiness
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