Exercise and Depression


Exercise and Depression may seem two non-integrated words. But, they are so much connected that exercise can work as a natural treatment to cure depression. In my previous article I had explained about “Dealing with Depression” which you can read to know about depression in detail. But, here in this article we will discuss how doing physical exercise can change the way you think and make you a positive person. Most of the adults all over the world are struggling with depression. And the most common way they choose to cure it is anti-depressant medicine.If the problem is big and out of control, then one can take medicine to cure this issue. But, if you have the passion and zeal to cure this then you don’t require to be dependent on pills which has some side-effects as well.

Exercise and Depression, Exercise and Depression, Hope Hapiness

Is working out good for depression?

Exercise is something which is beneficial for depression. Also, it leads to many other health benefits like better sleeping cycle, controlling diabetes & blood sugar level, protection against heart diseases, maintaining weight and much more. When you do high intensity exercise your body release a chemical which is called “endorphins”. It helps in generating a feeling of euphoria which is a feeling of excitement and happiness. However, doing low intensity exercise will help the growth of nerve cells in “hippocampus”. It is a region in the brain which regulates mood which leads to reduce depression.

How do I start exercising with depression?

Exercise and Depression, Exercise and Depression, Hope Hapiness

Depression is a stage where a person feels highly demotivated and low on energy. There are many physical changes which occur in the body at the time of depression. The changes are like loss of sleep, low energy, Demotivation, disturbed eating habits, headache and body pain etc. With such physical issues most of the time it is very difficult to push your body and convince it to do work out. But, you should try to convince yourself to start with 10 minutes walk & then slowly increasing this routine to swift walk. Then increasing it to 20-30 minutes of heavy work out. This process will not only help you to come out of your bed. But, also through regular workout you will positive changes in your body and a sense of confidence.

What exercise is best for anxiety?

Exercise and Depression, Exercise and Depression, Hope Hapiness

According to the study, all the exercises are good for controlling depression. But, there are few which helps pumping the heart rate are the most effective one. Few examples of the exercise which help in controlling depression are:

  • Biking
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Swift Walk
  • Dancing
  • Tennis

Out of all the physical activities mentioned above dancing is the most therapeutic way of reducing depression. Music is something which automatically calms you down and dancing to your favorite music can instantly uplift your mood. You can also read books like “How to Cure Depression and Anxiety to have detailed knowledge about it. 

How to get started?

There are few steps which can help in starting any exercise schedule and keep yourself motivated throughout the workout.

  1. Take Professional Advice: Before starting any exercise it is advisable to take your doctor’s advice at the time of depression. As, a doctor can guide you that which exercise is feasible and what should be the intensity of it. Also, he will consider the medicine, which you are taking to help you out that which work out schedule will be best for you.

  2. Choose what you enjoy: If you are not an exercise person then choose any physical activity which relaxes you and you thoroughly enjoy. For example, most of the people prefer a swift walk in parks and other prefer dancing as a mode of exercise. So, our main motive here is to relax your mind and keep you fit no matter what way you choose to keep yourself active.
  3. Set your goals: Set realistic goals for everyday which will help you to achieve a set target. It is not necessary that you will be able to reach that goal every time. But, try hard to reach that to avoid any Demotivation.
  4. Analyse Barriers: If you don’t feel like doing exercise or something is stopping you from being physically fit than try to find out the reason behind it. If you feel shy of working out in public then either hire a personal trainer at home or take help of internet to get the guidance. If you perform better with a partner than find someone like your friend, spouse or neighbor to join you in your workout. Analyze the issue and fix it.

After all the above points we discussed in this article, if you still feel that exercise is not helping you much in coming out of depression than consult a doctor. Doctor may advice you psychotherapy or add some more dose of your medicines to keep you calm and relax. But, still I will recommend to add an exercising routine in your daily life to keep you fit and healthy. 

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Exercise and Depression
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5Exercise and Depression, Exercise and Depression, Hope HapinessExercise and Depression, Exercise and Depression, Hope HapinessExercise and Depression, Exercise and Depression, Hope HapinessExercise and Depression, Exercise and Depression, Hope HapinessExercise and Depression, Exercise and Depression, Hope Hapiness
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