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Humans are filled with lots of emotions and they are out of our control. Sometimes we feel really happy and sometimes very sad but ultimately we should build our life in such a way that this emotion of sadness will not last for a longer time. There are many ways that we can save ourselves from the extreme emotions and in this category we will discussing few steps which we can include in our daily life and keep control on those emotions.

Self Confidence

“Self confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings” well said by Samuel Johnson. In today’s world self confidence is something which is highly required to deal with many problems and opportunities in life. Self-confidence is being sure about your decisions, power and ability to do tasks or handle day to day life. In our… Read More »

How to be Happy

Happiness is not something which can be learned in school and applied in real life but it is a feeling which come from inside. Happiness is a feeling of satisfaction, joy & having a clear mindset in all problems. Every time no one can feel jolly, satisfied so how can we become happy for a… Read More »