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Self Confidence

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

“Self confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings” well said by Samuel Johnson.

In today’s world self confidence is something which is highly required to deal with many problems and opportunities in life. This means to be sure about your decisions, power and ability to do tasks or handle day to day life. In our daily life we see people with both low and high esteem which comes with time. But self-confidence is really very important to live a happy and healthy life. It helps in feeling motivated, charged, and enthusiastic in every situation.

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Importance of Self-confidence:

Self-confidence is very important for every individual. As our technology is growing fast so do people are growing every moment. Lets discuss the importance of this with an example:

When we enter in school, we are taught in the same way by the teacher as the other students in the class. But, when teacher ask any question only few students are able to raise hands and answer the same. This happens because may be other students don’t know the answer, or some know the answer but not confident enough to raise hands and answer. Specially for those students with low confidence who never raise hands instead of knowing the answer teacher count them in the crowd of below average students.

So this happens every time in life and to separate yourself from crowd you should have enough self-confidence. As per the studies confidence is helpful in dealing with social problems, depression, good physical and mental health and personal growth.

Confidence is directly linked with happiness. People with high self-confidence tend to be more happy and satisfied from life as compare to others. Since young age a student with more self- confidence perform better and school and score high marks. An employee with more self-confidence meet targets more easily and have more job satisfaction.

How to build confidence and self esteem:

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Building confidence is not one time activity, it takes a lot of time and patience to build confidence in yourself. Sometimes, it is seen that parents works a lot on their child to build their self-confidence by praising their small activities, pushing them to take part in school and other curriculum,which help them to grow better.

The above mentioned points can even ruin a child. Since childhood a child is appreciated by parents to build their self confidence. Sometimes the self confidence became so high in that child that he is not able to differentiate between good or bad. So, as a parent you should know a border line where to stop. Self confidence should also be in limits otherwise rather than giving benefits, it will take you to the stage of depression.

As upbringing play a very vital role in building self-confidence but there are few people with low self-esteem in childhood but done wonders in young age. Lets understand this with an example

Self-confidence Examples:

Everyone knows “Albert Einstein” as a noble prize winner in 1921 in Physics for discovering law of photoelectric effect. But do anyone know that he was suffering from a problem called “dyslexia” in his childhood?

In “Dyslexia” a child is not able to catch so quickly as compared to other child. Due to this problem, he was a slow learner, very shy and quiet child. He was so low in self esteem that he had to practice what he wanted to say which is interpreted as stupidity by some people. With such low self esteem he spend all his childhood & his success story is not hidden from anyone. So, through this example you can make out that time is not the same and with practice and believing in yourself you can build self-confidence at any age.

Confident vs Low-confidence behavior:

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

  1. A person who is confidence do what he likes or according to the planning done. However, a non-confident person behaves as per the society. Their behavior and activities change according to what society says and people think of them.
  2. Nobody is perfect and mistakes can be done by anyone. But, a confident person accept his mistake and learn from them.On the other hand, a non-confident person try to hide the mistake or blame others or situation for the same.
  3. A confident person is a risk taker and always willing to try new things. A non-confident person is not interested to take the risk and try to be in a comfort zone.

Steps required to be confident:

Building self-confidence is not a five minutes process but yes it is also not as difficult as seems to be. The only key step which is required to be self-confident is to be determined towards your goals, proper planning, distributing the big goals in to tiny achievements and accelerating towards success.

1. Work for your goals:

It is extremely important that you should set a goal in life which you really want to achieve and work for it. Make a positive mindset and note down small steps which are required to achieve those goals. Setting goals is very easy task but start working on it and sticking to the same during all ups and downs is a true example of a self confident person.

2. Remember your achievements:

If you moving towards a journey of becoming self-confident then it is very important that you should see and appreciate your achievements in life. Success and achievements need a lot of hard work and planning and take time to remember those beautiful moments of your life.Just keep in your mind that “You can win“.

3. Know your strength:

Each and everyone of us have their strength and weaknesses so to be successful you need to focus on your strength and work on your weaknesses. Do in which you are good enough and which are your strength and nobody can stop you to achieve that success.

4. Distribute your big goals in small set of goals:

After deciding what you want to achieve in life you need to distribute that goals into small steps to achieve the same. This ensure that after every step you are one step ahead of your big goal. By gaining success in each step your self-confidence boost automatically.

5. Train yourself to be better than others:

To build self-confidence you need to generate the skills which makes you different from others. Self-confidence comes automatically when you have any special skills or knowledge with you which makes you special and people depend upon you to gain that knowledge. Train yourself so that you can build this kind of special knowledge in yourself.

So my friends, self-confidence is directly proportionate to success in life. As much success you achieve your self-confidence boost automatically. And, with proper planning and right focus everything is achievable.


Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

“Divorce” is a very small word to listen and we might have said this 100 times to our partner in anger that “I want divorce” but when it actually happens it has many adverse affects on the life of the victim. It may lead to loneliness, depression & other financial issues.

Sometimes inspite of so many efforts in a marriage it doesn’t work and a couple decides to get separated from each other and start a new life. Sometimes this decision is taken early in the marriage and sometimes it takes years to decide that there is no compatibility in this relationship. As after marriage life changes completely same after divorce life take 360° turn especially if you have a kid.

Life after divorce is very different for both man and woman. Basically, it’s a situation when you have nobody with you and you feel lonely, unhappy and frustrated about life and this thing became more severe when you are financially dependent upon the other partner. There are ways to come out of this situation and handle this phase with patience. So here are few tips on how to deal with divorce:

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

1. Get more social:

Divorce is a phase where you feel so lonely in life and isolating yourself is never a solution. Isolation can make your problem even more worst so try to be social in life by meeting friends, go to family gatherings or just sit and chill with your loved ones. This will give you a feeling that there are many people who loves you and care for you.

2. Financial Stability:

If you are someone who was financially dependent on your partner so the first thing you need to do after divorce is making yourself financially stable. Find a job or work as a freelance if you have a kid at home so that the work will keep you busy and simultaneously you can earn something out of it. Being financially stable is very important for every woman to gain that respect and confidence in society.

3. Read Books:

Sometimes reading motivational books can be a life changing decision. Books works as a best friend in case of depression. By reading them you can feel motivated and keep yourself busy. Read what you like for e.g. motivational, comedy, fictional or murder mystery and it helps you to feel good about the day and in this way instead of thinking anything negative you can pass your time by doing what you like.

4. Take Professional Help:

Next situation which may occur in case you are mentally weak with no family support is “Professional help”. Consulting someone from outside is not wrong at all until unless he/she gives you the right advice and show you the right way. Professional helps not only handle your situation wisely but also show you the way on “How to be happy”. You can share your point of view with them and discuss how you feel after divorce, what are the things which makes you feel bad till now as well. Sharing is the best practice when you are feeling lonely in life.

5. Find yourself:

When we  are very busy it is very difficult to listen the voice of our soul but, when we are alone for a long time it gives us the pleasure to find the actual person inside us. We know better whether what we are doing is right or wrong so during this bad time of your life instead of loosing hope you should work to groom up yourself. Find things which actually makes you happy, find your weaknesses and work to make them your strength.

Do what your soul is asking you and make yourself a better person.

6. Make friends:

Meeting new people not only helps you to get involved in a new environment but also make sure that you will not discuss your past with them. Making new friends is very helpful in coming out of the stage of depression. New people don’t know what happened in your past so there is less chances that they will ask you any questions about the same. When you talk less about something which makes your depress you tend you feel less bad about it.

7. Stop thinking a lot:

When we think too much about our bad memories it tend to drag us more towards it. So when these negative thoughts will come its better to indulge yourself in some other activity instead of keep thinking about it.

As a human being its natural that your mind will think about those past memories again and make you depress. Think about them for a while and then try to switch and think some moments in your life or if your mind is getting more negative then start doing some other work which involve your brain.

8. Move on in life:

Never leave an opportunity to move on life because life not always gives a second chance. If you think that another person who entered in your life after divorce can take care of you and love you after knowing that you are a divorcee then don’t let him/her go. Love is much needed in life be it family or friends and moving on is important in life because life never stop for anyone. Be it a relationship, job or thoughts just move on and let go the past memories which hurts you. You can read related books available on Amazon as “Moving on in life“.

9. Learn power to forgive:

Forgiving is the best practice to move on in life and keep yourself satisfied. Divorce is a process of mental stress and the situation which leads to divorce is even more heart breaking. May be you have suffered a lot in that relationship or your partner hurt you physically and mentally. But, dragging those old bad memories with you not only lead to ruin your present but also you will never be able to come out of those memories. So, learn to forgive no matters what that person had done with you but if you will build this power in yourself you will get way to let go things and concentrate on your present.

10. Take care of yourself:

After getting divorce “We” as a couple turned into “I” which means that you have to take care of yourself now. Weather you are in a relationship or single you should never depend upon the other person to care for you or fulfill your demands. Taking care of yourself is very important for each one of us because we as an individual knows better what is good for us and in the back of our mind what we want. So, after divorce it is even more important to love yourself and make yourself happy.


So my friends these were few tips which I personally feel should be very helpful in dealing with divorce. Although, this blog is all about divorce and how to deal with it but for all those who is coping up with difficult marriage I would suggest that rather than thinking about divorce first try to solve the issues by keeping your ego aside.


How to be Happy in Life

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Happiness is not something which can be learned in school and applied in real life but it is a feeling which come from inside. Happiness is a feeling of satisfaction, joy & having a clear mindset in all problems. Every time no one can feel jolly, satisfied so how to be happy in life for a longer period of time?

“How to be happy in life” is a tricky question but one can achieve this happiness by applying few tips and tricks in daily routine which is going to help them in long run. Being happy is really important for our own health and also for people around us. So lets discuss some practices which we can follow to be happy.

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

1. Feeling Best about yourself:

Humans get more inclined towards negativity instead of positivity. This phase means that we as a human gets negative thoughts more often then positive one. So, to be happy it is very necessary that we focus on our best things which can be our achievements, our best moments, our strength and other things which makes us feel good about our self.  Everybody have negative aspect of life and to be happy it is very necessary to let go that phase and focus on the positive one.

2. Change your Thinking:

Life never stops for anyone its goes on, so it is very important that with time we should change our thinking process and grow our mindset according to the situation. Technology is developing and so do people so we have to walk hand in hand with the time and think according to what the situation is. Rigid mindset always lead to unhappy mind. For example; If you get rejected in an interview then instead of feeling bad about it find out the reason behind it, prepare yourself & learn what is required and appear for the interview again.

3. Give time to what you love:

In this busy schedule we are just busy in earning more and more money which is hampering our mindset a lot. We sit in front of the laptop for long hours to finish the target work and never get time to do things which actually of our interest and makes us happy. For earning bread and butter doing 9 to 5 job is necessary but whenever we have time we should never miss a chance to do our hobbies like painting, gardening, dancing or any other thing. This works as a therapy which makes our mind relax and gives us that stamina and power to handle negativity.

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

4. Stop addiction to Social Media:

Social Media is one of the negative aspect which is has a big impact on our brain. Now a days, most of the people watch YouTube, Facebook and Instagram in their free time which may entertain you for a while but slowly and gradually you will see that your mind started feeling tired and you feel depress about yourself. This happens because social media is full of fakeness and everyone posting on there show their best but you never see their lows. That’s the reason you feel depress that everyone’s life is perfect except you but actually this is not true. So, reduce using this social media and don’t let it impact your life.

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

5. Never Escape from your problems:

Problem occurs in everybody’s life but you should know how to deal with it. Escaping from problems is even more worst option where the problem seems to be more horrified and bigger as it is in reality.Running away from problems never resolves it and back of the mind you will think about the same and feel bad. So, instead face the problem so that you will feel strong and confident enough. This way you will be able to feel satisfied and strong and take one step ahead of happiness.

6. Explore what makes you happy:

As we all are different so the meaning of happiness is different for all of us. For some happiness comes with family & having warm chit chat with them & for others happiness means traveling and explore places. So, to be happy it is very important that you should know the real ways or activities which makes you happy. Indulge in those things more often and you will find yourself more cheerful and happy.

7. Make your life Goals:

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Instead of walking in an unknown road you should find the goals of your life and walk on the same road which helps you to achieve that goal. For example: If you are a  person who loves fitness so make your daily plan accordingly which includes diet chart, exercise, going to gym and all other things which is required.

8. Well wishers are important:

Now a days, finding a true friend or a true person in your life is very difficult. But being surrounded by such people always makes us feel protected and secure. Parents are always our well wishers, so if you don’t have a true friend then makes your parents your best friend. Believe me there is no better person than parents to share your lows and highs.

9. Talk to someone:

Being reserved is good sometimes but when you are unhappy then this reserve nature can be a curse in few cases. So whenever you feel low or bad about your self, you should talk to someone you feel is a good listener. There is a saying that “happiness increases & sadness reduces on sharing with others” which is actually true. In-fact when you share your problems with a genuine person you will feel relieved and relax at the same time.

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

10. Be Grateful for at-least one thing before you sleep:

We always crib about what bad happened in our life but very few people thank for what good god has given to them. So the best way to feel satisfied about life and happy is that before you go to bed you should think one activity which happened in the entire day for which you are grateful to god. When you compare your life with someone who is better than you then at the same time you should compare your life with someone who is inferior than you and should be always grateful for whatever god has kept for you in his bucket.

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog
How to be Happy in Life

11. Be optimistic:

Optimistic view helps in solving many big problems in life. It gives you that strength and power to handle worst situation with a peaceful mind. Try to be as optimistic as you can so that people can get motivated from you.

12. Look positivity in your every experience:

This point is very difficult to follow but if you are someone who look after the positive side in your each experience then you are very close to that ultimate happiness. There are times when everything which happens with us is bad and worst then instead of getting demotivated and depressed we should think that may be that thing is not good for us that’s why it didn’t happened.Mindset: How Positive Thinking Will Set You Free & Help You Achieve Massive Success In Life 

So my friends being happy may sound difficult sometimes but with our continuous efforts and positive approach towards life we can definitely be able to pass through with that difficult phase.



Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog
Taking care of yourself

Despite of the fact that which age group you belongs to taking care of yourself is very necessary. There is no age to love and pamper yourself and we should never leave a chance to do that. Sleep, wake up, work and repeat this is what most of people are doing.Life became so busy that nobody has time to care for themselves.

Self-care is giving the world the best of you, instead of what’s left in you- Katie Reed

Importance of taking care of yourself

Well said by Katie Reed as by taking good care of yourself not only make us fit and happy but also we will be able to give our 100% to the other person.

How to take care of yourself Mentally & Physically

Both mental & physical aspects are important while taking care of yourself. If you are mentally not healthy then taking physical care of yourself is incomplete and vice versa.

Start your day with meditation:

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Meditation not only helps in keeping body active physically but also makes our mind very relax and calm. 5 to 10 minutes of meditation everyday helps in relaxing the body and mind.It also helps to keep away negative thoughts throughout the day and reminds how to be happy. You will feel more positive, energetic & refreshed.

Take Proper Sleep:

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

On an average a person should take a sleep of approx 8 hours every day. Taking appropriate sleep is very necessary for healthy body and mind. It leads to a stress free day all day long with more active body.


Make Schedule for Whole Day:

Try to make a schedule of your task for the day in a notebook. This will make sure that you won’t miss anything and also you will get sufficient time for yourself once you complete the entire set task on time.

Take time to exercise:

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

This is a very important step in daily routine, where we should take out sometime be it 15 minutes to exercise. A healthy body gives birth to happy mind and a little exercise is always good. It helps to keep you stress free all day long. If exercise is not something you like then a brisk walk in the morning is more than enough.

Read books of your choice:

Books are always our best friend. Books are a very good way to keep yourself away from social media. Whenever you have time in your hand instead of surfing internet try to read books of your choice. Reading books before sleep helps in better sleep.”How to Stop Worrying & Start Living” is one of the books you can look for on Amazon.

Give Time to your Hobbies:

In this busy life we wake up reading tons of e-mails. Our whole day gets over doing household work, meetings, clients & appointments. These things are important for earning bread & butter but taking time for your hobbies is very important. This keeps you motivated for daily work. Take out an hour in a day, a week or a month but try to do things which you love.

Switch to Healthy Meals:

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Adhering to this point is very very difficult when Zomato & Swiggy is giving you such lucrative offers like Flat50% off or Buy1 Get1 on food. But believe me friends eating healthy meal really makes a difference. As we grow older our metabolism starts reducing due to which our body is not able to digest such heavy food easily due to which our health gets disturb & we feel bad. If you are a foodie then try to exercise hard if you eat heavy meals.

Keep yourself away from technology:

The first thing most of the people do in the morning is checking their phones. Use these gadgets when necessary and avoid using them all the time. Harmful rays from phone not only affect our eyes but have some adverse affect on brain as well.

Take time to play:

Playing is a good way to nurture yourself. Take time to play with your children because when we do that we also live our childhood and feel free from all the stress. Playing with your young ones helps in living your childhood again with them and you do things carefree which is really important in life.

Talk to your loved ones:

Talking is a good therapy to keep your mind stress free. If you are tensed try to talk to your family, friends & other trust worthy person around you because sometimes we really want someone to listen to us to make us feel better.

Grooming up session:

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

If you are a man or a woman grooming up session is required where you relax in a salon while taking a good spa. Maintaining yourself is not wrong and it also helps in giving that extra “oomph” to your personality by giving that confident.

Plan a Holiday:

Holidays are so required to give a different environment from the busy schedule. If you don’t have a big budget then don’t worry you can plan small trips which are budget friendly and relaxing as well.

These are my ways of taking care of myself and I find them really effective. Every person should give time to keep themselves happy by doing the above mentioned things so that we can be happy in life and set examples for others.


Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog
How to deal with Depression

Depression is still a taboo in our Indian society but my friend “Kuch to log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna”. In my opinion, Depression is as normal as going to office, eating food & other normal routine of life. It’s a situation where a person feels extremely sad, loss interested in almost everything and feels highly demotivated. Why I said that Depression is normal because we humans are filled with lots of emotions and when something bad happens to us for a long time then we lose the power to overcome from that negative situation which leads to depression. In this article we will cover the symptoms and solutions for dealing with depression.

Every third person in this world is dealing with depression but never discuss this because the world is still not that open minded to understand this issue as a normal circumstance in life. There are few symptoms by which you can make out that you are having Depression.

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog
Dealing with Depression

Symptom of Depression:

  1. Loss of interest in almost everything.
  2. Feeling miserable all day long and this feeling stays with you for weeks.
  3. Loss of sleep.
  4. Loss of appetite.
  5. Loss of Interest in Sex.
  6. Feeling demotivated & poor concentration which leads to inefficient thinking & poor decision making.
  7. Thoughts of suicide
  8. Always feeling irritated & angry

Causes of Depression:

As every human being has a different state of mind so causes of depression is also different for everyone. But one of the common causes of depression can be genetic factors, which means 30% causes depression is due to genetic influences.

Life became so stressful now a day that everybody is running after money & everybody wants to be on top. In this race to be superior we give so much stress to our brain which leads to depression sometimes. Similarly, conflict with someone can make us stress which take a toll on our health. Other factors like financial problems, unemployment, childbirth, loosing someone special, and loneliness are some very important factors which lead to depression.

There could be some medical reasons such as Glandular fever, hepatitis, diabetes, hormones, alcohol, birth control pills & heart or blood pressure conditions which leads to depressive state of mind.

Depression Solution – Taking care of yourself

How Depression influence our daily life:

Depression has a big impact on our daily life because a depressed person is always in a negative state of mind and watch the whole world negatively. They are not able to see the good aspect of life which makes them highly demotivated in their work life. This state of mind impact the decision making power where a person is not able to decide what is good for them.

It’s a very uneasy state of mind where a person is always mentally disturbed about something or the other in life. And this mental disturbance is so high that sometimes a person thinks of ending his life.

 How to seek help?

In many cases a person come out of Depression with time and once the situation gets better. But in case of major depression professional help is required. There are many available treatments depending upon the severity of the patient which can help in coming out of this situation.

 How to Deal with Depression:

If you are depressed about something then first of all try to find out the reason of it. For eg. If the reason of depression is loneliness then try to go out in public, make friends, talk to family & friends & try to keep yourself surrounded by good people with whom you can chit chat with free mind. Here are few pointers which will help you in dealing with depression in a certain period of time.

1. Understand the Reason:

You need to understand the real reason of your depression whether it is loneliness, loosing someone, financial issue or health issues.

2. Stop Intake of too much caffeine:

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

This point seems to be unrealistic but is very important in dealing with depression. Study says that taking too much caffeine in the form of tea, coffee or other drinks is harmful for health and leads to depressive state of mind.

3. Talk:

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Talking is the best therapy to come out of depression. Choose someone really trust worthy and positive to talk your problems with. This person can be anybody from family, friends or office colleague. When you share your problems with someone you feel relax. In short, stop keeping those issues and problems in your mind but just share them with someone.

4. Keep yourself Busy:

An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. Keeping yourself busy is the best way to be apart from those negative thoughts. If you busy working on something especially what you love to do then you will feel better.

5. Take out time for what you love:

Instead of pleasing others try to take out time for yourself. Take out time for the things you always want to do like painting, gardening or dancing whatever you like. Giving importance to you own self is very important because if you are unhappy you can never make the world happy.

6. Meet Therapist:

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

In case of major depression take an appointment from therapist and talk to them. As a professional, a therapist is able to understand and resolve your problems in much better way. And in case you are not comfortable to share your issues with your dear ones then a therapist is a must so that at least you have someone to listen to you.

7. Reading:

Sometimes reading can do wonders to your thought process. Reading positive books from very experienced people can help in feeling better and have a positive approach towards life.When you read these kinds of books you started feeling “Oh I was worried for some petty things however, people have struggled a lot to be in that position”.

8. Social Media:

Nobody is going to tell you this but actually Social Media is the biggest reason of depression. When you are feeling bad about something you feel like watching “face book” just to divert your mind but when you see posts people going to Paris, other got job in “Google” then you started feeling miserable about yourself. So try to keep away from social media when you are not happy.

9. Setting Goals:

Set goals for daily activities by writing them and try to achieve that goal by end of the day.

10. Do not lie awake for more than about 30 minutes:

Sometimes in depressing state of mind we have to go though many sleepless nights. But instead of lying down in bed all night without sleeping it’s better to utilize that time in other relaxing activities like listening music or other useful things

Depression is just a phase of life which will get over soon. We as a person should do efforts for our self or other person dealing with depression instead of thinking of ending life. Ending life is never a solution & life is never easy to live and contains a lot of struggle and efforts to be happy. If life gives you lemon you should make lemonade and try to find someone whose life has given them vodka, and have a party. Try to be happy if not for yourself but for your loved ones.


Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

In my opinion, difficult people are the one with whom you don’t feel comfortable, who show extra care on your face but always criticize you on your back, who find negative in all the things & who never value your inputs and think that they are master of all traits. Dealing with difficult people needs patience and tactics.

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Who these difficult persons are and how they affect your life?

These people can be anyone from friends, relatives, husband, wife even sometimes parents or any office colleague as well. No person is bad but what makes them difficult is the difference of opinion, lack of understanding & most of the time our own inability to bear them.

These people affect our life in many ways because you have your set goals in life, your own dreams which you want to fulfill but these people somehow act as a hurdle in those dreams and goals. I explain this with certain examples for dealing with difficult people.

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Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Friends are normally very supportive but in some cases they can also be difficult. It happens when they start showing off on anything inspite of being real which makes you to rethink about your friendship because friendship is all about sharing things and be real to each other.


Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Although, parents are the only one who understand you the most even more than you. But, due to generation gap sometimes they can seems to be difficult in the eyes of children who are highly influenced by social media and friends.


In most cases relatives are difficult as they start comparing you with others growing up fast in life. You can never share your honest opinion with them because in most of the cases either they let you down or try to correct you with their own opinion. This is not wrong but we should respect each other’s opinion.

Office Colleague/ Boss:

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

We have a very competitive relationship with our Office colleagues and boss so there is always a chance that they seems very difficult to us. Being a competitor there is always a race going on between both the parties and most of the time they seems difficult to us.

How to deal with difficult people?

No matter what how much these people annoy you there is always a way to deal with them. The ways to deal with them may seems little difficult or unnatural but believe me using these tips and tricks you can achieve whatever you wish in life and can get out of any difficult situation or people to be precise.

1. Stay Calm:

Whenever we get angry we tend to take wrong decisions in the heat of the moment. Rather than jumping to a quick decision try to be calm, take a deep breath and take decision wisely. In this case, you will be able handle the situation diplomatically rather than emotionally which most of time fails.

2. Stop Reacting:

It is not necessary to react on everything. If something is teasing you and you are not happy to listen or bear a person but you have to then develop a quality of not reacting to a shit. By reacting to a shit you will be giving more importance to a person and making yourself more frustrated.

3. Listen:

As I said that not everyone is bad, so there may be a case that the person whom you find difficult is going through a bad time which made him/her so negative in life. Try to be polite and listen to what he is saying, may be by doing that somehow you can help him/her in expressing their thoughts.

4. Stop Judging:

The English idiom “Never judge a book by its cover” which means one shouldn’t prejudge the worth or value of something by its outer appearance. If a person seems negative, talk bad about you, or always in a race to pull you down then try to understand the reason behind it. There must be a reason of such hatred.

5. Ignore:

If the situations is uncontrollable then ignoring things is a best thing to do. When we can’t change a situation or person than the best way to be happy is ignoring. We can’t keep everyone happy so instead of making efforts on someone else try to ignore things and concentrate on your goals. This is easiest and best way to deal with difficult people.

6. Talking:

This point is specifically for parents in case due to generation gap or misunderstanding we feel that they are difficult. Parents can never think bad for their children but yes as they are experienced people so they are over possessive for their children and try to stop them from doing things which they feel is not safe or right. If you feel your parents doesn’t understand you then talking is the best therapy which both of you will love and feel relax as this is relationship with strong bond

7.  Be proud of yourself for bearing an uncomfortable situation like a pro:

Not everyone is big hearted enough to bear an uncomfortable situation or a person who talks shit about you. Never forget to pat yourself in the back of your mind because you behaved so maturely.

8. Be Diplomatic:

Diplomacy is another synonym of ignoring. Instead of showing that you are not happy with the person standing in front of you behave diplomatically which shows that you are mature enough to handle worst situations.

9. Be Positive:

Sometimes being with negative people who always crib about everything in life you also become like them. If you are friends with these people then instead of listening to their negative talks you try to make them positive by talking about how beautiful life is. Think positive and thank god for what resources you have. Make a habit to read novels and books.

10. Look yourself & Rethink:

Last point but highly important because it is very important to look yourself and your own behavior before putting fingers on others. It may be possible that we are overacting on something because we are upset on some other problem in life and we misunderstood someone who is actually not as difficult as we think in our mind.

So friends, this is my personal thoughts about “How to dealing with difficult people” and the above pointers are something which I apply in my personal life as well. Try to be positive in life and think that nobody is bad even if someone is actually bad because this thought will always keep you motivated and happy even if how bad situation is around you.

If you have any suggestion on dealing with difficult people than please do comment and share your opinions, I will add that point as well 🙂


Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Human life is all about changes in every phase of their life but marriage is one of the biggest change which can happen to anyone. Is it good or bad that we will discuss later in this article but yes for both men & women this change is important and beauty of life rely on how both of you try to understand each other. Marriage is one of the important aspects especially in Indian culture where after a girl cross 24 and boy cross 26 years of age parents starts pressurizing them for marriage. Life after marriage totally depends upon how you see it.

Being a married woman I can definitely tell that how life changes after marriage for a man and woman as well.

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Do I really need to get Married?

No not at all, this decision should be completely yours which depends upon how much you want someone (Partner) in your life. You should never get married just because you are over-age or your parents is after your life to do so because at last you are the one who is going to be in that situation and if you are not happy in doing that thing then you can never make anyone else happy. In fact, in every situation of life a sad person cannot make others happy because he/she him/herself not feeling good about the situation.

Will my life will be the same after marriage as it was before?

When we change a job we met new people get to do new sort of work which is somehow different from the prior one. Same as when we get married it’s not only a man you are married to, you got married to a whole family especially in India. Life can never be same as we grow up, with age we get a lot of responsibilities and people start expecting a lot from you which you didn’t cared earlier in life. So, how good or bad a marriage can be totally depends upon your tendency to ignore or accept things which people expect from you. So, like every other decision change your life marriage also changes your life a bit.

Life after marriage for a Man

If you think that for a man life is always the same then it’s not right because a man always keep balance between his wife and his parents. Life becomes more serious for them as they have a new responsibility to which they have to give time. Understanding a human being is a very difficult task and a man is the main thread of connection between his wife and mother. So, a sensible man can only do this task better and with age 90% of man became more sensible and patience.

Life after marriage for a Woman

A woman leaves her family home where she was living last so many years so that’s the biggest jerk of her life. But if she gets a man who supports her, love her then things become easier on the go. Being into a new house with new people takes time to adjust and that’s completely normal. For both partners, life have some responsibilities of job, family, baby and much more but yes my personal opinion is keep that little kid alive in you because life is all about being happy and full of fun.

Is it good or bad?

Life after marriage, LIFE AFTER MARRIAGE, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Marriage is no doubt is very beautiful feeling because you have a partner who cares for you, loves you unconditionally, you fight, you love, became best friend of each other because this is a strong bond. Everything takes times and a good marriage is a synonym of being patience and ignoring what bothers you. Nobody is perfect and nobody is bad, it’s just change of perspective & for a successful marriage you need to understand and respect each other’s perspective rather than just giving up on each other.

Everything is good if a person knows how to be happy in life. All couples are different so never compare your relationship and partner with other couples because you never know the real story of other side. Life is so beautiful with or without marriage so enjoy every bit of it. Spread love and you will surely get it back.