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Trichup Hair Fall Shampoo and Hair Mask Review

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Monsoon season seems to be celebration of wildlife, greenery all around and mix of humid and chilly weather. One can experience the best of nature in monsoon. But, this season also comes with an issue which is hair fall. Due to high levels of humidity in the atmosphere your hair tends to absorb hydrogen, which form bonds and leads to make your  hair frizzy, unmanageable and exposed to hair loss.

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Everyone wants healthy and long tresses and there are very few products in the market, which genuinely helps you to get rid of hair fall issue without exposing your hairs to more chemicals. Me, as a mother of 3 year old toddler always has stress about my child’s growth, my career and not to forget about this pandemic which has completely changed our lives. Not everyone can spend so much of time in making hair packs and spending zillions of rupees on expensive products which ultimately is filled with harmful chemicals.

I am sure many people like me is searching for some hair care product which are natural, paraben & SLS free & most important which helps in reducing hair fall and makes them soft and shiny at the same time. My hunt is over, and I am sure after reading this blog you will find some solution to this hair fall problem. Recently, while scrolling on Amazon I saw one brand named as “Trichup” having such Amazing reviews with more than 4 star rating by 100+ customers. And, after spending my money on different brands claiming to stop hair fall, I finally got my hands on few products from this brand. Let’s see if they are good/bad how they are different from other products available in the market.

Trichup Hair Fall Control Herbal Shampoo:

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  • MRP: Rs 160
  • Hair Type: Normal
  • Scent: Rosemary
  • Liquid Volume: 200 Millilitres
  • Active Ingredient: Amla, Licorice & Bhringraj
  • Target Gender: Female

Claim by Brand:

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  • Help to reduce Hair Fall & Thinning Hair.
  • Improves Hair Texture
  • Enrich with Natural herbs
  • Repairs and revitalizes hair fibers.
  • Trichup Hair Fall Control Shampoo contains a gentle cleansing base, enriched with hair tonic herbs which together strengthen hair follicles and prevent premature hair fall.
  • As a gentle way to control hair fall, it has been a preferred choice of millions.

How to use:

  1. Wet hair and scalp thoroughly.
  2. Massage the hairs using fingers.
  3. Apply a sufficient amount of Trichup Hair fall control shampoo on the scalp and hair strands. Lather it from the scalp to end of the hairs.
  4. Leave for 1-2 minute and rinse thoroughly. Repeat if necessary.


  • All the ingredients are natural and good for hairs.
  • SLS and Paraben Free.
  • Budget friendly.
  • Nice Fragrance.
  • Helps in reducing hair fall.


  • Not available in most of the offline stores.

I will recommend this shampoo to all of the females who are dealing with extreme hair fall considering the fact that it is pocket friendly and due to all the natural ingredients it will not harm your scalp.

Trichup Hair Fall Control Hot Oil Treatment Hair Mask

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  • Hair Type: Dry
  • Product Benefits: Detangle
  • Target Gender: Unisex
  • Item Form: Liquid
  • Liquid Volume: 500 Millilitres
  • Ingredients: Hibiscus, Holy Basil and Neem

Claim by Brand:

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  • Reduces Hair Fall & thinning.
  • Improves Hair Texture.
  • Makes hair softer and manageable.
  • Exotic delicate fragrance.
  • Suitable for all hair type.

How to use:

  1. Spread over wet hair from root to tip after shampooing.
  2. Leave it for 10-15 minutes preferably with the hair wrapped in the hot towel.
  3. Rinse-off thoroughly.


  • Pocket friendly.
  • You are getting 500 ml of tub in this price.
  • Hair Spa Effect at Home.
  • Makes hair softer and manageable & Exotic delicate fragrance.
  • Made in India.


  • Not available in most of the offline stores.

Hair Spa is the most relaxing experience, but takes so much of time and expensive. I recommend this mask because it leaves your hair with great shine and frizz free. This is best for the people having dry & frizzy hairs. My hair type is curly and after coloring my hairs they became even more frizzy and unmanageable. But trust me, you should try your hands on this one if you are facing the same issue.

I always do my research about the brand before buying their products. Trichup is 40 years old Indian brand with a high level of brand loyalty. They mainly focus on products related to hair care like shampoo, conditioner & hair mask. With 40 years of excellence and availability in 40+ countries this brand won my heart with such an amazing range of products suitable for all genders and hair issues.

I hope that many of you are able to find the right product for your hairs and you can buy it either from Amazon or Vasu Store. You can also check the reviews of other products on my website.

How to make your marriage work

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People say marriages are “Made in Heaven”. Is it really true or just a myth? How to make your marriage work?

All these questions arise in your mind when you are going to take a big decision of marrying someone. Choosing someone with whom you are going to spend the entire life and all of a sudden when you start living with him you find him a totally different person altogether. Now, what will you do? You can opt for divorce, but that’s not the solution to the problem because that comes with lots of mental stress and society pressure. You can give your marriage a chance and follow some steps which can make your marriage work and let your partner understands you in a better way.

Before talking about what to do to improve your relationship. We will throw some light on “what not to do” to worsen up the situation.

Withholding Sex

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withhold sex

It’s pretty obvious that when we fight it is different to bear each other’s face. . You feel like stepping out of the house and never look up to your partner. That’s because in the fight sometimes you use such harsh words to hurt your partner and win the fight. These words revolves around your mind for hours and sometimes for days. But, due to these fights never withhold sex for a very long time. Try to forget things and come closer to each other because the physical relationship plays a key role to get emotional connected with your spouse.

Never cheat your spouse

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The main pillar of happy marriage is trust and honesty. There may be times when you fight with your spouse & is upset. Then, suddenly you got a message from one of your admirers whom you are not in talking terms since years. It seems like a ray for light in extreme darkness, but just remember that all these happiness are temporary. You should keep your partner in loop in case, someone is showing interest in you and try to concentrate on your marriage rather than feeling joyful about the situation.


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Lies works as a slow poison in any relationship. Be honest and share your daily routine with your partner before going to sleep. Hiding something is equally wrong. If you are hiding finance, personal life or some important facts from your spouse, then this is equivalent to dishonesty. It is ruin your bond of trust for lifetime, which makes the relationship very weak and lifeless.

Abusing your partner

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Using abusive language while talking is so not acceptable in any relationship, be it mother, father, child or spouse. There are some times when you lose control and talk whatever you feel will hurt the other person. But, before using any abusive word or cursing your spouse just remember that how will you feel if the same happens to you. Instead, try to avoid these kind of extreme situations and walk off for some time just to cool down the matter.

Independent attitude

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Being independent is the demand of the society and now when people want luxury lifestyle it became a necessity. But, always showing an independent attitude and behaving as if you don’t need anyone gives a hint to your partner that you don’t need him in your life. This can loosen interest in the relationship. Even if you really don’t need anyone but don’t hesitate to show your dependency for love to your partner.

Now, that we have discussed upon what not to do to save your relationship. Let see what you should do to keep everything in place and feel happy about your partner.

Clear Communication

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The key to every good relationship is to communicate your feelings honestly and never hide anything from your spouse. There may be situations when what you feel will end up having a big fight. For that, you should learn how to present your thoughts in a more decent way rather than just bluntly saying anything inappropriate. And, rather than arguing about what you don’t like, try to discuss in a healthy manner. In short, the main motive should be spilled out what is going on in your mind rather than keeping it inside which will bust out in the future in a bad way.

Couple Time

Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLogWhether you are living in a joint family or nuclear family, you should take out time for yourself as a couple. Try to go for a date once in a while or take out some time for you two as a couple to talk your heart out. After marriage, there are so many responsibilities that makes it very easy to lose romance and this couple time will help you to let the fire of love intact.

Point of View

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In marriage, two people from different culture, families and sometimes cities come together and spend their entire life. It’s obvious to have different point of views, different eating habits and lifestyle. Rather than forcing each other to accept what the other person is saying try to accept disagreements. One should accept that everyone has their own choices and we should not force anyone to change and show their acceptance on everything.


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Patience is very important not only to save your relationship, but also to live a satisfied and fulfilled life. Reacting to every situation is important and most of the times you should let things go. Especially, in a marriage couple there are many factors which can create arguments like family issues, time crunch, over responsibilities or lack of understanding. The only way to solve most of the issues is to either talk about it with calm mind or just ignore what happened for the sake of your relationship.

Trust Building

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Trust is so important between a couple because it not only gives a sense of freedom to the partner but also increase love in a relationship. Suspecting your partner every time he/she comes late or talking to an opposite gender friend will act as a termite and will eat your bond slowly. Instead of that you should be open up and talk to your spouse freely if you are facing any trust issues.

Thankful Attitude

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There are very rare occasions in life when you thank your partner for doing so much for them and how lucky you feel to have him/her in your life. This is a very important practice to do because there is no harm in being expressive sometimes. If you find yourself luckier for how your partner care for you than, say that in words. This will give a motivation to your partner to do more good things to you in the future and he will feel happy about you are recognizing his efforts.

Plan a Holiday

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In case, everything is messed up in your relationship due to outside factors. But, you both still love each other and want to hold this relationship, then plan a holiday and spend time with each other. Holidays not only refreshes your mind, but also gives special moments to cherish. There are chances that due to over family responsibilities, couples may feel lost and fight a lot. In this case, just leave everything for some time and get out of those responsibilities and enjoy.


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This point is most important out of all the above points. Love is the key factor why we take so much of efforts in the relationship. If you feel that there is no love between you two, then, there is no point of taking so much of efforts and wasting your entire life. Love is very important between a couple and all the care, trust, sex and patience will automatically come if you love each other. But, if your relationship has no love, then, doing all this will not be justified.

In my opinion, marriages are not made in heaven. Rather than living in this myth and expecting a perfect life, you should think to find someone you love. When you love someone, you will automatically ignore most of the imperfect habits in him. The key to a happy marriage is expecting less and giving more which will surely happen to you when your partner will recognize your efforts and give you even more. Marriage is not just a bunch of responsibilities, but, it is a bond of love and trust which helps in living your entire life with a single person. You can also check what “Sadhguru” has said about “Emotion and Relationships“.

When is the right time to end a relationship

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I always talk about positivity, giving efforts in relationship, how to handle your spouse and all kinds of hunky-dory stuffs. But, actually there are times when you need to say “It’s over”. Life and people around us don’t  always work according to our likings. And, you should always try to mold according to the situation. But, there is a limit of  stretching an elastic band. So do a human can change or adjust up to a limit and after that it feels worthless to compromise and patch up. When is the right time to end a relationship ?

There are different nature of people in this world. Some are short-tempered however, other’s are calm (Don’t give a shit) or Sly (stay calm outside but from inside bursting with fire). We meet different kind of people in our whole life. And, very few people are there with whom we have to deal seriously on this issue because you bond with a relationship with them. Initially, everyone needs to adjust to the situation. But, when things go out of control one should quit just for the sake of her own happiness. Because, I heard somewhere:

“If you are not yourself happy, then, you cannot keep other people happy in your surroundings”

I find this true and now let’s see what are the situations which are unacceptable from your partner. And, one should quit if this is happening in the long run.

1. Physical Violence:

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Physical Violence

Never ever compromise with any Physical Violence happens to you. This is not only when your partner harm or beat you but also when he try to harm himself trying to stop you to discuss the issues. Physically harming someone is so wrong because nobody has the right to touch you or, have sex with you without your permission. If your partner harm himself because of anger, then it is equivalent to violence. It not only hampers your mental health, but you feel shit scared of discussing your issues with your partner in the future. This will impact your relationship because you look after options outside to share your problems with.

2. Using Abusive Language:

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There are situations when thing goes out of control and one of the partner use foul language in anger. I am not saying to accept that bullshit, but I am just saying to ignore it ones or twice just because the same partner does good things to you as well. But, when this abuse happens frequently in every fight, then, it’s the right time to say “Look, I am not here to listen this fuck”. Make plans to leave everything as soon as possible. As, if someone can’t respect you he doesn’t deserve to be with you in good times as well.

3. Defending his parent’s always: 

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Parents are an important part of any person’s life and maybe they must be right in most of the cases. But, when you have a responsibility of your spouse, then it is very important to give equal care and respect to your partner as well. There may be times when the fight will happen between parents and your partner, but you should take stand for the right thing rather than favoring your blood relations. If this inequality happens to you then, say bye bye to this relationship because trust me, you don’t want to live as a third priority your entire life.

4. Cheating:

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If your partner is cheating on you and you caught him red handed then there is no way you should accept him that way. Because, this mistake can be repeated in future, but this time with more precautions. Don’t keep your self-respect on stake just to behave like a happy couple in front of society. I feel society is the most hypocrite creatures on this planet who talk bad for everyone and in every situation. So, just for the bunch of people don’t ruin your entire life and forgive a man who was making love behind your back.

5. Hiding his family secrets:

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As a women’s prospective, if you marry someone you left your family, friends, sometimes job behind just to accept the new things. If your partner is hiding his bank balance, property, family issues, then you should initially talk to him if there is any trust issues or what. And, if this is happening again, then this is not called “marriage” for god sake. It is just a living relationship where you two are together for sex and some fucking household works.

6. Love:

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For a relationship to last forever, it is very important to have love between you and your partner. Family responsibilities, traditional values, kids, society all these things are just to fucking stop you from doing the right. Love is important between a couple due to which you do things which is required to be done by your end happily. If it is just a matter of responsibility, then, adopt a dog and take care of him rather than being with someone who just needs you. Remember, needs can be fulfilled with a maid who can cook for him and sex can be done with a slut where no love is involved.

7. Taking Stand:

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There are few people who cannot fight for themselves because they are not comfortable to create that fighting situations in the family. But, there are some weird creatures in the family who pinpoint you without you being interested in their lives. Who will take a stand? You should yourself, take stand, but if things are going out of control, then your partner should pitch in. If, instead of standing for the right making good relationships with those weirdo’s is more important than, pack your bags and imagine your life alone. Because, he is anyways, not with you.

8. Shouting in front of kids:

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It is both the partner’s responsibility to  give a good direction to their kids and keep them out of your fights. But, in case one partner is uncontrollable during fight and kids watch this every time you fight. Then, you are not only spoiling your life being with some who is uncontrollable. But, also your kid’s life whose chance of being like he is almost 60% because they grew up watching all this shit.

9. Victim card:

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If every single time when you look up to him to solve any issue, he plays the victim card then this is something not right. It is possible that he is burdened with lots of family and financial responsibilities due to which he cannot entertain you every time. But, when you seriously need him during depression, anxiety or anything which is bothering your mind since long then, he should be available for that. Both partner’s sacrifice a lot of things, but always victim card don’t work.

10. Blame Game:

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Ah!! That’s the most dangerous thing which happens in a fight. In the initial stage of marriage, it is fine to blame someone for any mistake because you don’t know your partner properly. But, when your relationship ages and still you blame each other for any problem rather than showing maturity, then rethink if you are at the right place or not. During the heat of the fight it is obvious that no one wants to say sorry and accept his mistake. But, once the time passes and you analyze the situation, then, the partner with fault should initiate to say sorry.

11. Ego trip:

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Everyone has an ego and they have right to show it. But, when it comes to relationship there is no ego, which is superior and stay for a longer period of time. If in fights, ego trip of both the partners is so strong that you feel ashamed to realize your mistake and say sorry then, this marriage has some loopholes which need to be fixed. Either of the partners should end the fight before going to sleep but, if this is not happening then don’t bother yourself much and give a second thought.

12. Not respecting families:

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Marriage is not only the bond between a couple, but between two families where each family gets an additional family member as a son or daughter-in-law. And, both partners should respect each other’s family and make efforts to share a good bond with them. One partner’s initiative is not enough because obviously the other partner feels ditched of not getting the same respect from their loved ones. Marriage is all about give and take, you give love and you should get love in return and vice versa.

13. Being yourself and non negotiable:

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If in this course of marriage suddenly you find that you are not you. In marriage, one has to make so many adjustments and compromises that they lost their main essence and their USP. Everyone has to make adjustments, but loosing what people loved you for being something which reminds you to rethink that if you really want a 360 degree change for anyone.

14. Finding your voice:

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Are you someone who can’t control to raise her voice for wrong before marriage, but now can’t talk much because you feel that leads to fight? Find your voice because that got buried underneath societal pressure, the myth of a happy marriage and an illusion of a perfect family in front of your kids. You need to speak up because if you will not, soon you are going to call your doctor for depression’s medicine or need to go to counselor because you don’t have guts to talk to the right person.


All the above situations seem to be well known to most of the people, but we think that this is not such a big deal to say someone that “it’s over”. Most of the women want to say this, but can’t stand by it because they feel that they are not capable enough to earn bread and butter. Or, I should suffer for my children’s future.

But, trust me it’s not worth it. I always write articles on positivity, handling situation of depression, and giving a chance to your relationship. But, you should not stop loving yourself in any phase of your life. Devoting your life to your loved ones is best you can do for yourself, but, by not by keeping your own wants and happiness at stake. By the way, if you want some positivity in life, then I would suggest you to read this amazing book by “Mark Manson” which is “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck “.

I believe, that when your partner loves you passionately, then he has all the rights to show his anger on you. But, there is a very thin line between anger and violence. You deal with his anger but violence of any kind is unacceptable. Every woman needs to be independent to build the feeling of confidence in herself. In the above article, I have no mean of provoking anyone and to break up without giving a second chance. Everyone needs a second chance and read my other articles on dealing with your relationship.


Best Handmade skin care & hair care products in India

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I spent my entire 20’s in searching a right skin & hair care products. But, due to lack of knowledge & money I end up buying cheap chemical  based products in the market. Now, after reading so much about skin and their needs I prefer to buy only herbal products. In the last article, I talked about a brand called “Deyga” and their products. After using them, I can say that this brand makes one of the best handmade skin care & hair care products in India.

All the products from this brand are cruelty free, handmade,no added colors and preservatives & most important “MADE IN INDIA“. As I like their skin care range a lot and saw visible results. So, I thought of trying their hair & Lip care range as well. 

Hair Care Range:

In this range they have hair serums, shampoo bars, oils, hair butter, lemon mist, hair packs and much more. But, because I was dealing with severe hair fall issues and want to grow my hair long for ages, so, I tried their “Hair Growth Oil“.

Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Hair the most important feature of the face to be taken care of. DEYGA Hair growth oil is cherished with natural ingredients from Mother earth. The smell is divine & it leaves your hair soft & cold. It comes with a root applicator which makes it even easier to apply on scalp & penetrates evenly in the roots. This oil is reddish in color and have a strong smell of organic coconut oil in it.

Ingredients & it’s benefits:

Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog
  1. Coconut Oil: I am using coconut oil on my hairs since I am born. This is highly recommended by our grand mother’s because it stimulates hair growth by getting deep into the hair follicles. Coconut oil provides good moisture to the hairs making them soft, smooth and shiny.
  2. Hibiscus: It is a very nice ingredient to fight hair fall, prevents premature graying, treats dandruff, dryness & hair breakage.
  3. Fenugreek: This is one of the best ingredients which helps in hair fall, baldness, growth & hair thinning. It helps in giving that extra shine to the hairs due to the high amount of nicotinic acid & protein content.
  4. Castor Oil: Like Fenugreek, castor oil is also rich in protein and nicotinic acid & helps in dandruff and stimulates hair growth. It has antibacterial properties which help in cleaning scalp & protect from infection.
  5. Grapeseed Oil: It is considered as most lighter weight oil, which moisturizes the hair and helps in reducing frizz.
  6. Rosemary essential oil: This oil is very helpful in hair growth, premature graying and stimulates blood circulation in hair roots.

How to Use:

  • Use the hair root applicator to apply the oil.
  • Directly apply on the scalp.
  • Massage your scalp to boost blood circulation.

Price, Packaging & Shelf life:

It retails for Rs 600 for 100 ml of product and comes in a plastic bottle with root applicator. This has a shelf life of 6 months and due to root applicator, it became very easy to spread oil all over the scalp.

My opinion on “HAIR GROWTH OIL”

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Hair oil


I have noticed two changes in my hairs after applying this oil overnight.

  1. My hair feels soft & smooth after wash.
  2. Hair fall has reduced to a great extent.

This hair oil works amazing & I will recommend it to the people who are dealing with hair fall and planning to grow their hairs.

Lip Care Range:

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In the lip care range, this brand has a variety of lip balms & scrubs according to the fragrance and ingredients you like. They have beet root, Shea butter, mint, chocolate, strawberry & vanilla lip care options for you.

I got my hands on “BEETROOT LIP BALM“because it is enriched with the goodness of beeswax, which helps to moisten the lips and protect them. Enriched with essential oils, which keep the lips nourished.


  • It is ideal for people with dry and chapped lips.
  • Leaves a subtle shine on the lips.
  • Make the lips soft and supple.
  • Heals the cuts on the lips caused due to dryness.

Ingredients & it’s benefits:

  1. Beeswax: It has antioxidant, antibacterial & anti- inflammatory substance which helps in good moisturization & protection from harmful sun rays.
  2. Beetroot extract:Having bleaching properties, it helps in giving your lips natural pink color.
  3. Shea butter:This is a rich source of Vitamin A and E and helps in curing chapped lips.
  4. Avocado oil: It has a substance called “Sterolin” which helps in getting supple soft lips.

How to use:

  •  Take a small amount on your fingertips.
  • Apply directly on lips.
  • Use as frequently as required. You can also use it with your favorite lipstick for smooth application.

Price, Packaging & Shelf life:

Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

It is packed beautifully in an aluminium jar with product red in color. But, when you apply this on your lips it comes transparent with least pigment. The price of this is Rs 290 for 20 GM of quantity with a shelf life of 8 months.

My opinion on “BEETROOT LIP BALM”

Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog
My lips after using lip balm

When I opened the jar I could smell Desi ghee in it, however, there is no such ingredient in the list. This is so hydrating and best for chapped lips. I have noticed that my lips got to lighten up after using it regularly. You should try it once because as per price point of view, it is reasonable and mostly important it’s herbal.

Overall, I like this brand and can say that I am there permanent customer now. They are one of the best Handmade skin care & hair care products in India.

Role of natural products for Healthy & Glowing skin

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Getting healthy, glowing & flawless skin is what every girl needs. But, choosing a right skin care product according to your skin type is a real task. There are zillions of products in the market advertising about their skin care products. We end up spending thousands in buying either chemical based products or products which claim that they are herbal but have many hidden ingredients which can harm your skin. You van never deny the Role of natural products for getting Healthy & Glowing skin.

About the Brand

As a beauty blogger, it’s my job to try out new products.And, tell my audience that what is good and which products are just a waste of money. Recently, while scrolling on Instagram I found a brand from Kerala named as Deyga“. It sells all kinds of skin care, hair care, baby care & wellness products which are all handmade.

All the products they sell are so amazing with such great reviews by customers. So, I thought to get my hands on it. And, sharing honest reviews on a few of their skin care range which I have tried.


If you are serious towards your skin care routine, then you must include a good face pack in your regime. This helps you to get that visible difference in your skin texture and complexion in the long run. No skin care works overnight. But, using a right product and being regular in it you will yourself feel the desired changes on face and body.

So, coming back to this amazing brand “Deyga” I have tried their “ROSE & MULETHI SKIN BRIGHTENING PACK“. My skin became very dull and dry after going through a surgery in Dec’19. When I opened the jar, I could clearly smell dried rose fragrance and once applied you feel like you have applied crushed rose petals on your face.

This face pack is having grainy texture which is very mild for your skin and helps in mild exfoliation every time you use it.

Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog


Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog
Face Pack Texture

Ingredients & their benefits:

Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

It contains four major ingredients and the perfect treat for dull and dry skin. Rejuvenate & brighten up the glow.

  1. Native Roses: Roses, having high level if antioxidants and fatty acid help in maintaining skin moisture which improve skin elasticity. Having antibacterial properties and a rich source of Vitamin A & C, it helps in reducing acne marks and prevent premature ageing. Vitamin C helps in skin brightness and pore minimization.
  2. Mulethi: It has anti-oxidant and emollient properties which reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. It keeps the skin hydrated & rejuvenate it. Mulethi is best for the people having dry skin as it helps in reducing dry patches and flakiness.
  3. Oat Meal: Oatmeal works best as a natural Exfoliator which removes the dead cells from the skin and facilitates new cell growth.
  4. Skin Cherishing Essential Oil:I can’t tell you how much beneficial essential oils are for our face. They work to tone & rejuvenate your skin and helps in reducing signs of ageing as well. 

Method of use:

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Usage of Face pack

Add a few drops of milk/ water to a table spoon of powder. Apply a thick layer on the skin & let dry for 15 minutes. Wash off with a gentle massage.

Store in cool and dry place and keep away from direct sunlight.

Price, Packaging & Shelf life:

It retails for Rs 490 for 200 ml of product & comes in classy glass packaging with 8 months of shelf life. As there is no chemical used due to which the shelf life is also less than as compared to the other products in the market.

The glass packaging is really delicate. So, the brand send the products in a thick layer of bubble wrap and pack them inside a sturdy cardboard jar. This makes it even more safe during transition.


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It really soothe the skin and you get the feeling of using a natural product on your face. You can massage it on your skin to exfoliate and keep it for 15 minutes. As I have a very dry skin, I didn’t feel any dryness on my face when I washed my face once the face pack dried down. My skin felt more softer and radiant every single time I use it. That’s the role of natural products for Healthy & Glowing skin.

So, this product is worth every penny. And, you should invest your money in this wonderful product. This face pack is for all skin type.


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Another product which I have been using since last 15 days is “Deyga Beautifying Serum“. As the name suggests this serum is a mix of all the oils best for your skin, which helps to beautify & brighten up the dull skin.

It is pale yellow in color and has a bitter smell which is obviously because of bitter almond oil used in it. The smell can be a problem for some of you, but it vanishes after a minute once the serum gets properly absorb into the skin. The consistency of the serum is light, but as this is the mixture of oils so, just one drop if it is enough.

A unique oil for the skin. Non-greasy, lightweight and fast absorbing serum for softness and shine with antioxidant and antibacterial benefits. This unique blend of oils and herbs is formulated to help skin look young and healthy.

Ingredients & their benefits:

  1. Moringa Oil:It has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which protects the skin from ageing & other environmental damages. This is considered best for healing acne marks or any kind of skin infection.
  2. Bitter Almond Oil: This is rich in Vitamin A and E. Due to which it can be used to treat acne, reducing acne marks, pre-mature ageing, heals sun damage & absorbing moisture in the skin which keeps the skin moisturized and glowing.
  3. Baobab: This oil is best suited for all skin types and a rich source of omega fatty acid. It helps to fight acne, reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Baobab also preserves collagen, which provides elasticity & strength to the skin, maintain moisture balance and protect skin from air pollution.
  4. Kukui Oil:Like Baobab oil, Kukui oil also helps in reducing scars, prevent acne, heal dry skin, anti ageing, reduce stretch marks. But, one special quality about this oil is that it gets absorbed into the deepest layer of the skin. This quality makes it even more effective  and act as a protective barrier against environmental damage.

Due to all the ingredients used, this oil based serum helps in getting the below benefits:

  • 100% Natural
  • Brightens dull skin
  • Repairs pigmentation
  • Minimizes fine lines and signs of ageing
  • Relieves dark circles.

Method of use:

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Apply serum with your finger tips, patting it on and smoothing out. Avoid massage.

Price, Packaging & Shelf life:

It retails for Rs 730 for 30 ml quantity & comes in glass dropper packaging and very safely packed in bubble wrap and sturdy cardboard box which reduces the chances of product breakage during transit.

The shelf life of this product is 8 months, which is very good considering the fact that no chemical preservatives are used in it.


Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog
My skin after using serum and face pack

I have been using it for a while now and can clearly see a visible glow on my face. I am using it daily after morning bath and can see that my dark circles are vanishing slowly and skin feels radiant with even skin tone. Oil based Serums are usually costly, but this one is so pocket friendly and because you just need one drop of it so, it is going to last long till months.

All the products from this brand are cruelty free, handmade,no added colors and preservatives & most important “MADE IN INDIA“.

I highly recommend both the products to you and insist to try them once. I loved how it has changed my skin and gave me what I want. I never invest my hard earned money on anything which I don’t believe in but, this brand has won my heart and I have decided to stick on it for the longest time possible. As, you can never ignore the role of natural products for Healthy & Glowing skin. If you are interested in some other contents like relationships, emotions, please have a glimpse on my other articles as well. You can have a look at 365 gorgeous for some amazing reviews like this.

Top 10 places to visit in India


India is a country with so many religions and diverse culture. You can see a different essence of India in every city. Language changes and so do the weather and food. If you are fond of travelling, then you must have gone through the confusion of where to visit. This confusion is obvious because choice of vacation destinations in India seem to be infinite. From historical destination to scenic beauty, from beautiful hills covered with snow to plane land covered with golden sand.In this article, we will highlight “Top 10 places to visit in India” and find out the reason for them being in the top 10 list.

We have picked some selected cities in here for those who love to travel but have limited resources to explore the whole country. So, if you are reading this article then I am sure that by the end of it you are going to book tickets for one of the destination.

Below are some must visit cities: 

  1. Kashmir
  2. Goa
  3. Shimla
  4. Manali
  5. Udaipur
  6. Andaman
  7. Varanasi
  8. Jim Corbett National Park
  9. Agra
  10. Kanyakumari

Let’s see some specialities and key factors due to which these beautiful places are in this list.


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Kashmir, which can also be called as crown of India is known for it’s mesmerizing beauty and picturesque places. If you are a lover of mountains then this place is a must visit once in a lifetime. From beautiful lakes to breathtaking mountains covered with snow and green grass with yellow tulips popping out in spring season. There are so many places to visit in Kashmir and the best part is that you will see a different scenic views in different seasons. The best time to visit this “Heaven on earth” is between March to August. These months are considered as best because tourist can explore most of the State while having most attractive views of green mountains, blossoms of spring, cool weather with warmth of sunlight.

If you are fond of snow activities, then the period between December to March is perfect for you. This is the time when you can see Kashmir covered with white snow and this is another charm of this heaven altogether. At this time, you can do Skiing and Cable car ride at Gulmarg followed by beholding The Best Of Snow Mountain Valley at Sonamarg & much more. 

Places to Visit in Kashmir: Apharwat Peak, Shankaracharya Hill, Indira Gandhi Tulip Garden, Badamwari Garden, Baisaran, Gulmarg Gandola, Dal Lake, Zojila Pass, Yousmarg, Sonamarg, Nishant Garden, Aru Valley, Shalimar Bagh, Pari Mahal, Amarnath Cave, Chashme Shahi Garden.

Time to Visit: Between March to August, if you want to see greanery. If you are snow lover then visit between December to March.

Duration to visit: You should book your trip for atleast 7 days to explore most of this beauty.


Impact of Divorce on Children

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Divorce is a life changing experience not only for a couple, but for the whole family. It’s a phase where parents are struggling through a difficult time and children have to suffer as they go through a lot of emotional trauma. “Life after divorce” can be different depending upon the reason of divorce and the financial stability of both husband and wife. Here, in this article we will discuss the impact of divorce on children.

If a person is going through a lot of physical violence and emotional stress then the decision of divorce can be a better option for kids in the long run. Leaving your partner is itself very difficult decision and thinking about how it will impact your kids is a matter of concern. Not all the kids get impacted by divorce in a negative way. Some recover very fast and others take some time to come out of the situation. It all depends upon the extra care and a feeling of security given to the kids.

It is very stressful phase where parents are concerned about their kids custody and kids are worried about leaving one of the parents. If the reason for divorce is the mere lack of understanding, then children may suffer a lot because each parent to have a special place in a child’s heart.

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What are some effects of divorce on children?

1. Poor Academic Performace:

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Divorce is disturbing for each member of the family, but child’s mind got impacted with it a lot. Kids are not so adaptable to changes in life and divorce is the biggest change they can ever think of. This biggest change in their family and day to day living impact their mind so much and they are not able to focus on their studies. For kids, it is very difficult to understand that their parents will not be together anymore. This situation makes them distracted from studies and confused at the same time on how to handle and correct it.

2. Difficulty in accepting changes:

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Children are less adaptable to changes and it is very difficult for them to be with only one parent. All of a sudden kids are flooded with changes like different school, lifestyle, family environment, friends, etc. This makes them very nervous and anxious.

3. They feel insecure:

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Both parents play a vital role in a kid’s life. They act like pillar which protect kids from all the danger. The feeling loosing one parent is itself very scary and it may reduce confidence in your kid. Your child may feel less insecure and lonely.

4. Health issues may increase: 

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Divorce may lead to many health problems in your child. This is a process of mental stress and struggle to rebuild a new family with your kid. In all these procedures, may go through a lot of mental stress, lack of sleep and depression. All this combined together can lead to illness and bad health condition among kids.

5. Negative Traits :

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It has been seen that a child who had experienced his parent’s divorce became negative and show destructive behavior. This may happen because of two reasons. First, being single parent, you are not able to give much time to your kid as you need to handle both finance and home. Secondly, being single you want to give that extra care and love to your child so that he won’t feel indifferent. Due to both situations a child may pick some negative traits like drugs or smoking.

6. Loosing faith in marriages:

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Divorce between parents in childhood can leave a very bad impact on a kid. Watching your parents getting separated from each other, and all those worst after effects of divorce can make your child loose trust in marriages. Children with divorced family background are likely to divorce in their own relationship as well as compared to the children from non-divorce background. This is because they have seen their parents struggling from life situations.

7. Anger and irritation:

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In some cases, it is found that the children from divorce background gets irritated and angry more often. They have low resistance power and capacity to deal with problems. They may show anger to their parents, friends, themselves and others. The reason of this anger can be there parents fights or loneliness they have borne after divorce.

8. Social Cut off: 

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Although, there is nothing to feel ashamed about divorce because leaving someone with whom you are not happy is not a crime. But, explaining kids about their parent’s separation is very difficult. This can be worse specially when their friends have both parents living happily and enjoying their lives. In some cases, children cut them off from society and friends because they feel ashamed of the fact that their parents are no more together. They started feeling insecure as according to them, their family is the only one who gotten divorced.

9. Kids become emotionally weak:

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Divorce is a big change for family and each an every individual suffers with a lot of emotional stress. Children being part of the family go through different emotions like anger, irritation, sorrow, confusion and anxiety. Due to all the changes happening in the family most of the children are not able to handle it and became emotionally weak. They became more sensitive as compared to the their friends.

10. Kids miss the other parent:

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This is one of the common thing which is seen in almost all the kids dealing with their parent’s divorce. When divorce happens the custody of the kids is given to one of the parents. But kids actually want to live with both parents in a normal way. This way they feel protected and safe. But, as this never happens in divorce so they have to live with either mother or father and miss the other one.

How can these impacts of divorce can be cured?

The above mentioned impacts of divorce can ruin a child in the long run. So, it is very necessary to take remedial action to get rid of it and making your child a good human being. Being a single parent sometimes it looks impossible to do so many multitasking for your child. But, you need to nourish your child with good sacraments to be a good example in front of society. So, here are a few points you can take care of while upbringing your child.

  • Give extra care and love to the little one without fulfilling unnecessary demands. Develop your child in such a way that he/she can accept “No” in life.
  • Make them independent by taking teeny-tiny help from them in household work. Keep their mind busy in some fun activities so that they don’t get time to think of any negative.
  • Do not share any negative talks with your child until he became mature enough to understand things properly.
  • Keep him away from people who can talk poisonous.
  • Teach your child spreading love and fighting for his rights simultaneously.
  • Give them some personal time while keeping an eye on what they are doing and in what company they are hanging out with.
  • Never deal with angry child with anger until the situation goes out of control. Try to calm them up and show them the right path.
  • Do not show love by loading them with money. Instead of money give them your time.
  • Behave like friends so that your child feel comfortable to share everything with you.

Children are very sensitive and emotional. They are not able to cope up with very big changes in the family. Love and support work like wonder to boost your child’s confidence and moving on from the difficult situations. You may also read books like “When they decided to MOVE ON!: A story of a child’s love for his parents“. Feel free to comment your thoughts about the same and if you have gone through the same situation, then how you managed to grow your child with good sacraments.

How to handle a Wife or a Husband

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Being a married woman, I can say that rather than thinking about how to handle a wife or a husband, which sounds like a burden you should think about understanding your spouse which looks more positive approach. To make a relationship beautiful it is very important to understand each other’s personality and accept the best and worst in both of you. I have written many articles on a relationship like “Relationship Goals” & “Life of a Single” so you might be interested in these topics. In this article, we will try to understand human behavior so that we can get to know the need of your spouse and their expectations. Also, we will discuss on how to build a harmonious relationship if one of the spouses is nagging in nature.


1. Make your partner feel beautiful:

Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLogEveryone wants to be praised by their partner & specially woman want their husband to appreciate her on small things. It cost nothing if you take out 2 minutes time of your whole day to appreciate and show some romance to your better half. Every woman is beautiful in her own way and husband’s should find out the best thing they like in their wife.

Do not feel shy in praising her beauty and look into her eyes to show some love. These small steps work like a bridge for a healthy relationship. In a relationship both husband, wife works really hard and adjust at every stage of life. So, some sweet words from your spouse works as a booster. It gives you the power to ignore some bad things which you don’t like in her/him.

2. No Comparison Please:

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You must have seen a few couples in public which you may consider as “Perfect Couple”. But, there are no such words as the perfect couple in my opinion. They seem to be perfect because they have accepted each other’s flaws and respect their decisions. Also, if after watching them you feel that your relationship doesn’t match with them at all. Then, I would say that every relationship is different and no relationship or person should be compared with each other.

There may be times when in anger you compare your wife with your friend’s wife. But, you should never forget that each person has different skill set. So, if you are comparing your wife on the basis of cooking skills with another woman. Then, there may be the case that your wife is better in some other skill set where that woman is a failure. By doing this you are just growing a seed of jealousy, which is a negative feeling. And don’t forget that you can also be compared to other man around which is obviously not a good feeling at all.

3. Mind your words:

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Sometimes we become very harsh in our words while we are angry. It is very difficult to control your anger specially for the people who are short tempered. We tend to show our anger by abusing someone or using harsh words which will hurt the other person for whom it is said. If you are seeking for a healthy and good relationship with your spouse, then instead of being loud you should try to avoid the situation. And, once your mind calm down, then you should talk about the issue with your spouse because at that point your brain is cool enough to listen to the other side of the story.

“Anger doesn’t solve anything. It builds nothing, but it can destroy everything”

4. Understand one’s personality:

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If you want to have a strong bond with your spouse, it is very necessary to deeply know each other’s personality. If we will take an example of a wife than you need to know her likes, dislikes, nature, so that you will have an idea that what are the topics which she is not interested in. And, how to tackle her when she is angry. Some people want to be alone in anger, however, others want special attention and pampering. You have to behave according to your spouse liking to some extent to build that special place in each other’s heart.

5. Celebrate every small occasions:

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Celebration is necessary not only to pamper your spouse but also for you own inner soul. We should not wait for big occasions to come because there are only few big events in life. In fact, you should live every moment as a big event. This is going to make your life bit easier and different from the daily routine work.

This is a process of making life more enjoyable and added special moments with each other which is unforgettable. For example, women’s love surprises which is not necessarily an expensive one. So, surprise her by showing how much you love her in the form of a flower or a card etc. Slowly, you will notice that you both will have so many special moments in life which will overlap the bad times and flaws within you.

6. Do not stretch the conflict:

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Conflict is an integral part of a relationship. It’s very obvious that if two people are living together then they will disagree on few topics. There may be times when conflicts can heat up a lot and turn into big fights. But, to live a peaceful life you should avoid stretching these disagreements for long to avoid fights. In my opinion, a couple should try to solve the matter ASAP by having discussion on the same. If one’s ego is coming forward the other spouse should keep his/her ego apart and talk on the issue. This will ensure that you never extend the issue to a worst level and all the possibilities of big fights can be avoided.

7. Avoid Arguments:

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As I always say that arguments are necessary for a relationship. In this way you will be able to throw out some negativity out of your mind instead of pilling up everything since years and burst out one day. But, unnecessary arguments or disagreement on everything is very harmful for a marriage alliance.

An argument is considered to be healthy when it is of short term and the duration is once in a month. If, the argument in your relationship is very frequent then you should think about the reason of it. And, if you and your spouse disagree on most of the topics then avoiding those topics will be the best solution. For example, If you wants holiday in Paris however, your husband wants to go to Melbourne then, instead of arguing on this topic you should find out a place where both of you wants to go together. After all, more than the place of holiday your companion matters a lot.

8. Help each other:

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A marriage relationship is a strong bond created by destiny and one should keep putting efforts to make it even stronger. We are humans and we tend to get tired physically and mentally both. It’s a responsibility of your spouse (better half) to share both good and bad times with you. Both partners should find ways to help his/her spouse in daily activities. For example, A husband should helps his wife in some household work or if he is too busy then he can give some break to his wife by occasionally cooking. Same way a wife should also share her husband’s burden of earning alone and do some part time work to contribute in house expenses. This way you both will be able to value each other and respect will increase.

9. Communicate better:

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There are times when we tend to walk away from the hot conversation just to calm yourself down. But, sometime walking away work as adding fuel to fire. When argument and fight is on peak then leaving the conversation and walk off can make it even worst. You need to answer your unsatisfied spouse just to make her calm and feel that at least you listen to her. Talking on a problem and giving your spouse an assurance that you are with her and understand her can vanish the issue instantly.

10. Visit Counsellor:

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If you have done all the efforts to fix the problem but still nothing has changed then visiting counsellor is the best you can do. There are the situations which we do not take the advice of our loved ones too seriously however, if the same thing is said by outsider then it meant a lot beneficial. So, taking professional advice will be the best and unbiased. A professional can listen both point of view and the actual problems in the relationship and will give an unbiased decision.

You may also be interested in “Wife Management – How To Handle Your Wife” by Jha Kashinath.

Also, if you are dealing with relationship issues you may read my other articles like relationship goals, Taking care of yourself or dealing with depression which can help you in some way to solve your problems and take wise decision. Feel free to contact me for any consultation as well, I will try to give you best solution possible.

Exercise and Depression

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Exercise and Depression may seem two non-integrated words. But, they are so much connected that exercise can work as a natural treatment to cure depression. In my previous article I had explained about “Dealing with Depression” which you can read to know about depression in detail. But, here in this article we will discuss how doing physical exercise can change the way you think and make you a positive person. Most of the adults all over the world are struggling with depression. And the most common way they choose to cure it is anti-depressant medicine.If the problem is big and out of control, then one can take medicine to cure this issue. But, if you have the passion and zeal to cure this then you don’t require to be dependent on pills which has some side-effects as well.

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Is working out good for depression?

Exercise is something which is beneficial for depression. Also, it leads to many other health benefits like better sleeping cycle, controlling diabetes & blood sugar level, protection against heart diseases, maintaining weight and much more. When you do high intensity exercise your body release a chemical which is called “endorphins”. It helps in generating a feeling of euphoria which is a feeling of excitement and happiness. However, doing low intensity exercise will help the growth of nerve cells in “hippocampus”. It is a region in the brain which regulates mood which leads to reduce depression.

How do I start exercising with depression?

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Depression is a stage where a person feels highly demotivated and low on energy. There are many physical changes which occur in the body at the time of depression. The changes are like loss of sleep, low energy, Demotivation, disturbed eating habits, headache and body pain etc. With such physical issues most of the time it is very difficult to push your body and convince it to do work out. But, you should try to convince yourself to start with 10 minutes walk & then slowly increasing this routine to swift walk. Then increasing it to 20-30 minutes of heavy work out. This process will not only help you to come out of your bed. But, also through regular workout you will positive changes in your body and a sense of confidence.

What exercise is best for anxiety?

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According to the study, all the exercises are good for controlling depression. But, there are few which helps pumping the heart rate are the most effective one. Few examples of the exercise which help in controlling depression are:

  • Biking
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Swift Walk
  • Dancing
  • Tennis

Out of all the physical activities mentioned above dancing is the most therapeutic way of reducing depression. Music is something which automatically calms you down and dancing to your favorite music can instantly uplift your mood. You can also read books like “How to Cure Depression and Anxiety to have detailed knowledge about it. 

How to get started?

There are few steps which can help in starting any exercise schedule and keep yourself motivated throughout the workout.

  1. Take Professional Advice: Before starting any exercise it is advisable to take your doctor’s advice at the time of depression. As, a doctor can guide you that which exercise is feasible and what should be the intensity of it. Also, he will consider the medicine, which you are taking to help you out that which work out schedule will be best for you.

  2. Choose what you enjoy: If you are not an exercise person then choose any physical activity which relaxes you and you thoroughly enjoy. For example, most of the people prefer a swift walk in parks and other prefer dancing as a mode of exercise. So, our main motive here is to relax your mind and keep you fit no matter what way you choose to keep yourself active.
  3. Set your goals: Set realistic goals for everyday which will help you to achieve a set target. It is not necessary that you will be able to reach that goal every time. But, try hard to reach that to avoid any Demotivation.
  4. Analyse Barriers: If you don’t feel like doing exercise or something is stopping you from being physically fit than try to find out the reason behind it. If you feel shy of working out in public then either hire a personal trainer at home or take help of internet to get the guidance. If you perform better with a partner than find someone like your friend, spouse or neighbor to join you in your workout. Analyze the issue and fix it.

After all the above points we discussed in this article, if you still feel that exercise is not helping you much in coming out of depression than consult a doctor. Doctor may advice you psychotherapy or add some more dose of your medicines to keep you calm and relax. But, still I will recommend to add an exercising routine in your daily life to keep you fit and healthy. 

What is Happiness in Life

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Happiness is a feeling which is desired by each one of us. It’s an emotion of joy from within, which makes everything so positive and enjoyable. If you will ask anyone from any origin that, what, do you want for your loved ones? Then, the answer will be “Happiness.”

But why happiness is so important in life than money, food, car or house?

That’s because, if you are happy then money and success are worth it and you can fully enjoy every penny of it. But, an unhappy person cannot enjoy these luxuries as you can’t buy happiness with dollars.

You must have seen many rich personalities with a huge bank balance but still depressed about something. Happiness is not materialistic, and if you think that buying a car will make you happy, then it’s a myth. It’s just lust and passion, and when that car becomes old, you will search for happiness in other things.

Happiness in life does not depend on anything; it’s an ongoing feeling. Let’s see “what is happiness in life” and how to find the same.

Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

1. Follow your Passion

Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Doing what you love whenever you get a chance is going to give you happiness. Everyone has a different passion, and you should follow that in your life. If you like to travel, then find ways to visit every season. Not everyone is lucky enough to get to do things of their choice to embrace that if you can do it.

2. Keep optimistic Approach

The way we take a situation also matters a lot. Keeping an optimistic view helps in making your mind positive and dealing with every adverse situation with grace and patience. Unfortunate happens to everyone, but the optimistic point of views drag you out of that lousy situation more efficiently and is a reason for long term happiness. You may also read my other article on “How to be Happy“.

3. Take charge

Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Blaming others for your problems is very easy, but taking charge of your mistake is difficult. Well said by someone that “it takes two to tango.” When we are in a problematic situation, we always blame others or the case for the same. But, once you will become bold enough to accept your mistake, then “success” will touch your feet.

4. Do something productive

Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

Being busy in life is very important for not thinking about shit because “An idle mind is a devil’s workshop. As per the study, people who stay busy are happier than the people sitting idle doing nothing. Whether you are working or unemployed, you should keep yourself working in the activities which include the use of mind and body both. Sitting idle for a long time can be depressing.

5. Choose friends wisely

Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

I know friendship is a heart to heart connection, but off course you want a friend who can cheer you up rather than always been depressing. So, choose your friends wisely and be with people who have a positive approach to life. This will benefit you in the long term because our company matters a lot for making us what we are.

6. Forgive

Forgiveness is a potent tool to be happy. It takes a lot of strength and positivity to forgive someone. If you know how to forgive others, then you are on the right path to get long term happiness in life. You may also read books on “Forgive and Let Go.

7. Accept changes in life

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You must have experienced this in your life as well that life is not the same. As you grow old, life shows you different colors with more responsibilities and struggle. Duties of your kids, family, and struggle to earn handsome money, maintain good health, and so on. You should be adaptable to the changes in life and when life gives you lemons, make lemonade and enjoy. In short, a happy person adapts these changes and move on.

8. Set Goals

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If you have a dream since childhood which you want to fulfill, then, in spite of dreaming about it, find ways to achieve it. Set small goals in life to achieve that big goal in your life. With each achievement, you will be a happier and satisfied person.

9. Honor your values

Everyone has that instinct about what is wrong and what is the right thing to do. Follow your intuition and do what is right and fair. Take unbiased decisions in life, which will make your soul proud, and you will feel satisfied with yourself and your choices. Set some values in life and stick to that.

10. Give Respect and Love

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Learn the power of giving without expecting much from life. We human expect a lot which is the biggest reason for our sadness and dissatisfaction. Give respect to all and spread the love around you and believe me, you will get the same love and respect from others. Do things without expectations.

If you make little changes in your life, then you end up finding long term happiness. Be satisfied with what you have and be thankful to God for whatever he has given to you. Life is never perfect, but with our little efforts, we can make ourselves so strong to face all the hard time life gives us.

Please share your stories with me and feel free to drop your issues you want me to answer. I will try to provide you the best solution ever.

How to feel better

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There are occasions in everybody’s life that you feel low and miserable at the same time. But not everyone has the art to come out of that situation quickly. More you think about the worst, and your life becomes more dramatic and problematic.

You must have seen people who forget the problems quickly and move on. This approach is vital for mental peace and focusing on more critical issues in life.

Successful people know the trick to ditch negative thoughts from the mind. And through this article, you will also know some skills to get rid of bad feelings.

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These can be days when you are feeling exceptionally worst about something. So save your tears for those days and cry till all the negativity comes out of your heart. Crying works as therapy sometimes so lighten your heart and feel better.

2. Listen to the music:

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Listening to your favorite music, and occasionally loud music helps in cheering up your mood. I find rock music best to make me positive.

3. Remembering beautiful moments:

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Life is not the same. Sometimes it’s beautiful, and sometimes it shows us a tough time. But, remembering beautiful moments in your tough time gives you the strength to fight with the challenges and problems.You can always read my blog on How to be happy.”

4. Watch your childhood photos:

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There is an only hand full of people with a bad childhood. Everyone has those crazy memories of childhood, which brings a smile to our faces. Search for your childhood album and watch them while remembering those moments you lived.

5. Cook what you like:

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Cooking is an excellent way to ditch your mind which is behaving crazy. Make food which satisfies your craving and you haven’t had since long. Doing good things for yourself is not a crime, so honey, break all the rules and live your life.

6. Go for a walk:

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Believe me, this works like magic. There are times when you don’t have anyone nearby to console you. Go nearby nature and try to give yourself some alone time. Surrounded by loved ones doesn’t help every time.

7. Read:

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Reading your favorite books not only keep you busy but also distract your mind from that negative feeling. Books are our best friends, and reading motivational books keep you positive in life. You can read book like “How to Stop Worrying and Start Living“.

8. Go for a movie:

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Our main motive is to pass on that bad feeling anyhow. Book a ticket of your favorite movie and spend those 3 hours munching popcorn and cold drink. Avoid thinking about evil, and enjoy the moment.

9. Talk to your friend:

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There is one best friend in everybody lives who gives you the strength and makes you feel that you are not alone. Talking to a friend vanish half to the issue because sadness reduces on sharing with others.

10. Go for a mini vacation:

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When you are sad, try to get out of your routine life and do something else. You can stay at your friend’s place, go out for a party or can plan a mini weekend trip to freshen up your mind.

11. Help others:

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Helping people in need should be an ongoing activity. But you should surely do it when you are not feeling good. When you see that smile and gratitude on their faces, you feel satisfied and happy at the same time.

12. Do physical work:

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Instead of lying down in bed when you are sad, do physical works like dancing, exercise, or walk. This will make your body tired, and you will get a good sleep.

13. Look good:

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I know that you don’t feel like dressing up when you feel bad. But, take some efforts and do a little bit of makeup and go out for a coffee. Problems cannot vanish, but we can make some efforts to reduce it.

14. Play with your baby:

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If you are a mother, then I suggest you become a child with your little one. Maturity sometimes sucks. So, behave like a child, play with your infant, dance with him. This works as a therapy and relaxes your mind.

15. Sit with your partner:

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If the reason for your problem is not due to fighting with your partner, then sitting with him will relax your mind. Your partner can be your best friend and a person on whom you can rely. Share your feelings with him.

16. Think of the things for which you’re grateful to god:

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There are few things in everyone’s life for which we are thankful to god. So, when you are feeling low, just count those things which are very precious to you, and you are proud of having it.

There are several excuses for not doing the things mentioned above. But, not to worry about its human nature and when we feel sad, we don’t tend to take any efforts to feel better. Pushing yourself is the only solution. I hope through this article you must be able to relate your situation with the above points mentioned.

Feel free to drop your comments on what you do to cheer up your mood. I would love to read that.

Getting over a breakup

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Breakup is not just an end of a relationship, but it’s an end of confidence, love & bond. Breakup is never easy whether you or the other partner do it. It involves lots of depression, anxiety, grievance, hate, loneliness & pain. But somehow you need to get over it and move on in life.

There are many ways to move on in life, which we will discuss in this article. Always remember that when you do break up, there are many memories with your partner (good or bad) which don’t allow you to forget things. And unless you forget about it, moving on will seems to be impossible. Time & patience is necessary to come out of the situation. And if you think that patience is not working anymore, then you can take help from friends, family & professional counselor to feel better.

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So let’s see together how we can get rid of those relationship memories and move on life.

1.Don’t stop your tears:

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When a relationship ends, it takes all the love, care, affection & trust away for a while. And, then, it seems that the world has come to an end. So instead of hiding your tears, let your all pain flow with the tears. It’s better to allow yourself to grieve for a while, which helps in expressing yourself and save you from the situation of depression. Tears are a perfect way to throw all the negativity out of your life.

2. Don’t Chase on Social Media:

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It’s a human tendency of checking up on another person’s life, especially when he is not around you.  Don’t do that for the sake of your happiness. To get over a breakup, you should stop checking your ex profile on Facebook, Instagram, wats app, or e-mail. Just cut your ex from your life and avoid using  social media for a while so that you don’t end up seeing your ex.

This practice is going to save you from that, which may happen when you see your ex happy.

3. Enjoy with your loved ones:

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It’s is seen that after breakup a person use to cut themselves from the outside world and sit idle at home thinking about your ex. This practice is not going to help you; this way, you are going to make your life even more miserable. It’s your life, and nobody else is responsible for your happiness, so go out with your family or friends and enjoy life.

This way you can feel good about your life, and you will get to know that your life is good without your ex as well. Give time to those people who love you for what you are. Don’t stop your experience and enjoyment for someone who is not with you anymore.

4. Keep away painful memories:

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There are a lot of memories attached to a relationship, be it a place, song, food, or gifts. Till the time you move on from your past relationship, try not to go to that place where you use to go with your ex. Avoid listening to romantic songs or looking at the gift given by your ex. If the gift is precious, then don’t throw it but don’t look at this for some time until you are ok.

Memorizing past time is good, but if that gives you pain, then it’s worth forgetting it. This way helps in keeping away those memories from your life, which will only provide you with pain at present. You can read my other blog on “How to be happy” to read in detail in about it.

5.Rebound after thinking twice:

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It is mostly seen and heard that to get over a breakup, and people rebound into another relationship very soon. Most of the time, this doesn’t help because, for a new relationship, you need to involve in it mentally and physically both. If you are getting involved with another person just after a breakup, then it will be like carrying the load of another relationship where you are not present mentally.

Moving on in life is an excellent step to take, but it is advisable to wait for some time until you fully come out from your past relationship. Don’t be into a new connection to make your ex jealous or consoling yourself that you have moved on. By this, you are not only doing wrong with your new partner but also making fun of your emotions.

6.Take care of yourself:

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Generally, in a relationship, you depend upon your partner to take care of you. Have you had your food, did you take medicines, are you ok? I am there for you; these are some talks which happens between a couple. But, depending upon another person for your happiness and care is not right. Whether you are with someone or not, you should always give yourself a big priority.

If you will not take care of yourself, then how will you care for others?

So, after a breakup you should do special care of yourself by doing things what you love, eating what is your favorite & hanging out with people with whom you feel protected. Take proper sleep, eat healthy food, stay fit, and exercise regularly. This way you will be able to find real you, and gradually you will see that you don’t need anyone for making you happy. Read more about “Taking care of yourself.”

7.Calm yourself:

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This is a very normal thing that after a breakup you feel angry about being cheated or for the reason breakup happened. But as you cannot shout at your ex because that’s unethical and you are no more in contact, then keeping calm is the only option.

Try not to think about the bad that happened to you and keep your nerves relax. You can meditate, listen to music or go outside when these negative thoughts come into your mind. Getting angry is never a solution because you are going to make your life more miserable by doing this.

8. Remember the bad qualities of your ex:

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Everyone has good and bad qualities both. But after a breakup think of the bad traits which your ex had and the reason why you broke up. This thinking will help you to move on in life and never look back at your past. If you remember the good qualities of your ex, then you end up calling him again or missing him badly.

As we are here to discuss “how to get over a breakup” so, you should make your mind to remember that what bad your ex had done with you. Why you wanted that person to go out of your life or vice versa?

9. Find of reasons that why you are better than your ex:

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This may sound kiddish but believe me that this is going to help you to move on and get rid of memories. Find out the reasons why you are better than your ex, and you can get a better person in life.

This thinking will give you superior feeling, which helps a lot to feel better in this situation. This is a short term process until you are utterly ok because after that your mind starts working fine and you will be able to take practical decisions. But as the time of breakup is very crucial, and your heart works more than your mind than making yourself happy with these kiddish thoughts will not be wrong.

10. Revenge:

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A breakup can cause due to several reasons, and one of the reasons can be cheating. So, due to anger for your ex, usually, you seek for revenge. But, this is a negative feeling which will ruin you first then your ex. Hate can never be a solution to getting over a breakup, but it will make your mental situation even more worst. In the process of taking revenge, you will never be able to come out of your relationship.

Guys, a relationship can be as beautiful as a flower but can become worst when both partners don’t take equal efforts to grow the same. So, be strong because life never stops for anyone. Your little efforts help you a lot to move on and be a good human being no matters what bad happened to you. You can read books like “The 30-Day Heartbreak Cure” or “Getting over Him.”

    Relationship Goals

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    “The best feeling in the world is knowing that you actually mean something to someone”

    As a human being, we all wanted to love and be loved. Love is a beautiful feeling which one could have because true love and relationships are tough to achieve. Every relationship is unique, whether you are newly married or dating someone since long. Knowingly or unknowingly, we all follow relationship goals, which help us to boost our relationship.

    Nobody can teach you how you can make your partner feel special because you know better what he likes. But, there are few practices which you can follow in your relationship which can give a boost to it and make your relationship stronger. As everyone is different so there may be chances that few tips will not work for you but as you move deep into that relationship you can find yourself perfect in dealing with the problems.

    No relation is perfect and to get that perfection a couple has to go through a lot in their life. A relationship has many phases. The initial stage is charming and has a lot of excitement in it. Then, a period comes where a couple has to deal with many families, interest, & responsibility issues. Gold also have to go through a lot of refinery process, which makes it so valuable and precious. Same as relationship also have to go through a lot of difficulties to build a strong bond which is forever.

    Let’s discuss ten relationship goals tips which can make your bonding stronger.

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    Understanding is the key:

    It is not necessary that every word or feelings need to be expressed. There may be a time when one partner is feeling low or not in a mood to talk, and another partner needs to understand by their body language or experience. Understanding is the crucial factor which helps in making any relationship stronger. When a relationship gets aged, many responsibilities come with it, and it became more than just making love and having sex. At that point, it is possible that due to frustration or lack of words your partner may not be able to understand you. But, as the relationship grows, understanding comes automatically.

    To build an understanding with your partner, try to speak and discuss day to day life. Express your feelings and try to look what your partner is expecting fro you at the moment.

    Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

    Don’t stretch on Arguments  

    There is no relationship without arguments. As different individuals, situations arise when thinking does not match with each other, which leads to arguments. But make sure that you don’t go to bed without solving the same. By this practice, you can solve your issues more quickly and sleep with a free head without worries. But yes, if the issue is big and you need time to cool down, then surely take your time. Try to solve the problems with a cooler head and talk on your issues with each other effectively. Rather than shouting and showing anger, try to explain your point of view with patience and low pitch. This will help in making other people understand you more effectively.

    Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

    Communicate & chit-chat 

    Communicating with your partner is integral for a strong bond in a relationship. Make sure to communicate daily face to face and share your feelings and daily routine, and this will help in building a strong bond and an emotional connection with your partner. When you share your opinions and understand others feel it is going to boost your relationship.

    Communicating is one of the relationship goals which you cannot ignore.

    Talking is integral to solve half of the issues. When we don’t express our feelings, whether it is good or bad, it tends to hit our mind and create misunderstanding. But proper communication between couples makes their relationship strong & builds understanding between them.

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    Give some space

    Giving space may sound a little weird, but the fact is that giving space to your partner and taking space for what you love is essential. Life before and after the relationship is different, and each phase has its beautiful moments to cherish. There may be times when you can miss hanging out with friends and go for a friend’s night out. And, when your partner does not allow you to do that, then you can feel suffocated been into such a relationship.

    Giving that space not always leads to differences in a relationship. But, most of the times, such space is required and that “Me time” is needed very badly to free some vacuum of that relation. Personal time is a must where you can do what you like, follow your passion, and chill out with friends. “You time” helps you knowing yourself better and self-love. After all, you can give love to others only if you are happy.

    A bit of personal space and little time our from each other is always healthy for a relationship to work and last.

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    Intimate with your partner:

    A healthy intimate life is integral for a stronger bond between couples. Couples should intimate at least once in a week because intimating bring them closer emotionally & mentally as well. Nowadays, life became so busy that sometimes due to tiredness or lack of time a couple is not able to come closer to each other. This can cause lack of interest between them.

    One of the relationship goals is intimacy, which may sound as regular life routine but have a significant impact on a relationship. Sex is a human need, and if the sex life is exciting, then a relationship has more satisfaction and understanding. There may be times when sex life became boring due to a busy schedule, but a couple should work on making it work.

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    Do Fun Activities:

    Even after few years of relationship, couple can have fun and do activities like water sports or other indoor games. These activities not only helps in giving that break from the daily schedule but also act as a refreshment in the relationship. Let that child in you come out and sometime behaving like a kid makes couple bond even stronger.

    Behaving mature every time can be boring so even if you are in your late 40′ choose fun activities which both you and your partner like. Believe me, you will love doing it as it just add few special moments with your partner which you can cherish later.

    Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

    Prioritize your relationship:

    Life became so busy and we all are running after either having on the top position and increasing our bank balance. But, in this race some times we leave our relationship behind & when we look back its too late. So, earning bread and butter is important but take your relationship hand in hand. Take our time for your partner by making sudden date plan, it boost that excitement. You should be available when your partner needs you either physically or on call.

    Prioritizing your relationship not only make your bond stronger but also you both have that kind of trust within you that the other person is with me.

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    Accept Changes:

    Changes are the part of life and life is not the same every time. To set relationship goals one should be acceptable to the changes in life. There are many phase in human life which slowly and gradually change them as a person. Some phases leads to positive change and other leads to negative change. When you decide to be in a relationship and accept other person as your partner, it is very important that you can accept their negative and positive aspects as well.

    For example, a person cannot always look and feel happy. There are many issues in life which are related to health, office, finance and so on. So, instead of expecting a happy go lucky person in your partner try to accept there downs as well. This leads to make you love unbreakable and your relationship will be like a strong pillar.

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    Be Honest:

    Honesty is one of the relationship goals which act as an adhesive for your relationship. Honesty here means purity in your thoughts, not being dis-honest, telling the truth, saying what’s there in your mind. Don’t tell lie to your partner in any circumstance because if your love is true and your partner trust you then any lie will work as a poison in your relationship.

    It takes a long time to build a strong bond but seconds to break it. So, be honest and say truth even if it is bitter.

    Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

    Help each other grow:

    Relationship is all about loving and helping each other in day to day life. A strong bond is one which help each other to grow better in life. Growing better in terms of what you are as a person, dedication towards work and home both and loving what you have. There may be times that one partner can get distracted from their life goals then its a duty of other partner to show the right path.

    Men and women both should be given equal chance and opportunities to work and show the required amount of dedication for work and home both. After marriage it is expected that a woman should do household work however, her interest and passion is office work. A best relationship is one who understand each other’s passion and support them to work on it. You can also read my blog on life after marriage to know more about it.

    Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

    I hope I am able to out some light on the “relationship goals” which is not as difficult to achieve. You just need some dedication and lots of love for your partner and you are sorted. Love should not come with any condition or rule book but a little but of efforts and care can make any relationship stronger. You can read more about it from here.

    Life of a Single

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    Being single is not such an easy job. An individual needs to be strong enough to handle all ups and downs of their own. The society in which we live is not open-minded for life of a single to accept a person without marriage or a relationship. A person once entered teenage life is expected to have a relationship. After crossing the age of 18, he/she is expected to prepare for marriage mentally or to get married.

    Is the life of a single bad? Is that full of loneliness & depression? Or it is another way around?

    There may be circumstances when the other person is not able to fulfill your expectations. This leads to disappointment & dissatisfaction from life. As a human being, we always love what’s there in other’s plate. But in reality, everyone is dealing with their problems and life issues. While talking to many people, I realized that now most of the people don’t want to be in a relationship. And, this is becoming a new trend in our society.


    Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

    1. Fly like a free bird:

    Do whatever the hell you want to do. Craving for pizza at midnight? Order that and eat as much as you want without someone taunting Oh baby!!!! Don’t eat so much you will be out of shape!!

    Go for a trip with your friends without even thinking about the responsibilities a relationship required as you are single. Watch “Game of Thrones” like a king with a tub full of popcorn. And, nobody is going to snatch the remote from you to watch a cricket series.Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLogWomen Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLogWomen Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

    In short, a single person enjoys more freedom as compared to a person in a relationship. In the workplace also, a single person can be more dedicated and work for long hours.This is because his main concentration will be his work as no one is waiting for him at home for coffee. This may sound very lonely, but believe me, it gives you more space for yourself.

    Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

    2. Meeting new people:

    I have seen that a person who already is into a relationship have some limitations which make them hesitated to talk to new and unique people around them. You can experiment with life because after all, you are not going to be committed in a relationship. So, try many online dating sites which can be fun as you meet new people with a different mindset and different liking.

    As you are single, so doing a casual chit chat over facebook or Tinder can never be harmful. Enjoy life and make new experiences.

    Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

    3. You are king of your life:

    No matter what are the cons of being single, but nobody can deny the fact that everyone wants there life in their control. As an individual, you are the king of your life and decision maker of all the big and small decisions. You are the one who will decide that what needs to be cooked, how to spend money, how much to save, and what to spend, & no one is going to question you for that.

    If you are a single mother then “Life after Divorce” must be going difficult with kids, but non the less you should be happy about being the head of the family and taking all the right decisions for your loved ones.

    You should give time to pamper yourself, go for a spa, watch movies, eat what you like, and take the right decision for yourself.

    4. Shower love on yourself:

    One of the best thing which being single can add on to your life is loving yourself. When we are in a relationship, our all focus turn to a single person and we always think about making our partner happy by doing things which he/she likes, that’s because we love our partner. But, what happen if we are single? You can focus on the things you like, make yourself happy, love yourself as the most important thing to be happy and satisfied in life is to love yourself first and then to others.

    5. No help in household work:

    That’s a big con of being single; You have to do all the household work from buying groceries to cleaning kitchen and home all by yourself. Off-course you can hire a house helper, but house helper cannot do all the household work which your partner can do. That’s the time when you can miss having a partner in your life when you get tired of doing everything all alone and want some support. But, this need for help is for short term because, in the long run, you will enjoy the benefits of being single.


    Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

    6. Happy couples can make you jealous:

    When you are single, you may avoid going to social events because of the pressure of society to get married. Also, when you see happy couples, you might feel offended and jealous because you will miss that part of your life. It is a human tendency that whenever we don’t have any particular thing in life, we miss it and once we get it, we don’t value it.

    Likewise, watching a happy couple in front of you can be a tacky moment for you as it will remind you of what you don’t have instead of thinking what comfortable life you are living being single.


    Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

    7. Less Drama in your life:

    Have you had your food? What are you wearing baby? Do you love me? You don’t have time for me now??

    Ahhh!!! Too much of drama, who ask so many questions and that also these bullshit one?

    If you are in a relationship, then you must be pissed off hearing this kind of cheesy questions. I prefer being single because I am not answerable to anyone. Love doesn’t need to be answered in words; it is shown through your body language, activities & care when you need your partner. So, congrats you singles you are not answerable to anyone.

    8. You became a stronger person:

    Do it all alone: Grocery shopping, cooking, gardening, office job, cleaning & other days to day activities. You are managing your house finance and looking after the house with so much balance in your life. Doing all this in itself is a challenging task, and once you do it, the situation makes you way stronger than you are.

    You are handling 100% duties with no financial help, which give you a feeling of strength that you can feel everything all alone.

    9. Control on emotional and sexual needs:

    You don’t have a shoulder to cry on or share your problems. You will not have a partner 24*7 who can fulfill your sexual needs. So, you need to keep control of your emotions at times.

    Keeping control on emotional needs is not easy, but once you become a master in it, you don’t require anyone in your life.

    10. You don’t have companion of traveling:

    If you have good friends or you are a solo traveler, then this point is a total waste for you. But, when nobody is around you or all your friends are married, then you have no option left either sitting at home or become a solo traveler.

    I have seen most of the people who travel all alone, and they don’t need any company. So try to find happiness in solo traveling because there you can explore more places and can experiment with different things.

    Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog


    I hope you find this article helpful and by this, I can say that being single is a bit difficult in terms of the norms of society, emotional pressure, financial stability & much more but married life or relationships also have their issues. So, you need to decide what kind of person you are and how you want to live your life. You may also read some other books meant for this topic which says “life is what you make it

    Please mention your valuable comments below and let me know your thoughts about the same and if you prefer to be single or in a relationship.

    Women Empowerment

    Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

    In a country like India where in many parts other than metropolitan cities women’s are not allowed to study, take part in decision making, not allowed to pursue higher education, choosing a profession with late working hours, women empowerment is essential. Women Empowerment is an activity of raising the status of women through proper learning & guidance, bringing issues to light, education, and training. Empowering helps women in taking life decisions with ease and taking significant risks in life, which comes with the confidence, build through empowerment.

    Nowadays the situation has improved a lot as most of the people are educated and became open-minded. But in few areas, some people are educated, but still, they have that old backward thinking for women’s. Women Empowerment not only help their families to have a better and educated future generation but also helps the country a lot. A country with huge population consists of all the genders and gender equality is highly essential.

    Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog


    What do you mean by empowerment?

    Empowerment means giving power to someone.In simple language, it is to encourage a person to achieve what he wants to achieve. It includes building self- determination to work for their interest, live a life of his dreams, and be responsible for their own life rather than depending upon someone.

    Why women’s empowerment is essential?

    Every country has a different ratio of women as compared to men. But, in India with a total population of 1.37 billion in which we have approx 950 females per 1000 of males the growth of the country is incomplete without a woman.As, half of the population consists of women. Empowering women means giving power to women so that they can build self-confidence in them to achieve heights. They can stand up for themselves as well as for weak people in the society, helping women to lead a successful life.

    There was a time when women’s were considered very weak physically and mentally as well. But, now the time has changed a lot and women have proved to the society that they are equally equipped and talented as men’s are. A woman is the one who is an idol for a child because a child spends maximum time with his mother and by looking at a woman who is prosperous and filled with lots of quality a child can learn a lot and most important lesson is to respect other women.

    Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog

    Women Empowerment in India:

    India is a diverse country with different culture, language, weather condition, and different belief. With so much cultural difference, it is tough to change one’s belief because that’s what it has been taught since childhood to them. In India, women empowerment depend upon many factors like age, social status like caste, education, a geographical location like urban or rural area, etc.

    The government has formed policies on women empowerment on national, state and Panchayat level but in most of the cases, it is not implemented by people which includes gender inequality, lack of mobility to women, no access to education, early marriage, lack of good health facility, no decision making power & violence. We can say that the situation in urban areas in India is much better as compared to rural areas due to the high influence of foreign culture and educated people.

    But, in urban areas situation is still worst where men mistreat women’s, girls are not allowed to be educated, they are not a part of decision making, and sometimes they have to bear violence by their husband’s, parents or in-laws because they are considered very weak in the society.

    Are Women Weak? 

    Why women’s are considered weak? Are they physically not eligible to kick a guy who made her life hell. Or, she is so weak mentally that could not handle loneliness and choose this path for herself?

    No, a woman is not weak, in my opinion. She is one creature of God to whom God has chosen to give birth to another creature. A woman is a mother, sister, wife, daughter who takes care of her family with love and affection.But, if the situation arises she can be as cruel as “Devi Kaali” who is considered as the destroyer of evil forces. No women is physically or mentally weak; it’s just the upbringing which builds this perception in the society.

    If we go with the idea of women empowerment for only urban areas of India, then it’s just an incomplete growth of our country. We have to educate maximum people to let them know that respect women, give them power and, it will help in the country’s growth as well as future growth of family.

    You may read a few articles on women empowerment to have more knowledge about it.


    Women Empowerment, Women Empowerment, Hope Hapiness- A Lifestyle BLog


    How can we empower women?

    • Empowering women is possible by giving education to your girls.And, allowing them to study as much as they want to instead of saving for their marriage save for their higher studies.
    • Support women if they are thinking out of the box and push them to achieve heights.
    • Give them importance because they are not less than men. Allow them to take their own decisions and consider their decisions in small and big activities of your life.
    • Help a new mom to take care of her infant as well as to continue her career as men’s do.
    • Most important that never leave a chance to make your woman realize that you support her.


    So, as a conclusion, I will say that no country is developed if the women in their society are not free or happy. A country or universe consists of both men and women so we have to go hand in hand rather than just following men’s oriented society. An uneducated woman cannot teach her child how to grow in life. She cannot tell which path to follow, how to respect other woman. We can say that parents are an idol for a child and both parents should be educated to some extent so that they can pass that knowledge to their loved ones.

    If you have any opinion on this topic, then do not forget to share it with me in the comments section. Or, if you have any story to share, then please do so.