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After workings in an MNC since ages, I noticed that I am not able to find my real happiness in spite of getting handsome salary every month. Then after baby, when I had no option, I became an accidental blogger and started writing on life issues and emotional traumas people go through in life. I realized that this is what I love to do, and that's my passion. Like every woman, I also love makeup, shopping, and eating and have a YouTube channel where you can find me showing my hauls, makeup, and much more. Not to forget I love traveling as well and in short in love myself and happy go, lucky person. Feel free to contact me if you have any life related issues or need any suggestions. Also, I am quiet good in telling which makeup product is good and which you should avoid so I can also help you with that.

Life of a Single

  Being single is not such an easy job; an individual needs to be strong enough to handle all ups and downs of their own. The society in which we live is not open-minded to accept a person without marriage or a relationship. A person once entered teenage life is expected to have a relationship,… Read More »

Women Empowerment

In a country like India where in many parts other than metropolitan cities women’s are not allowed to study, take part in decision making, not allowed to pursue higher education, choosing a profession in which late working hours are there is a big problem, women empowerment is essential. Women Empowerment is an activity of raising… Read More »

Self Confidence

“Self confidence is the first requisite to great undertakings” well said by Samuel Johnson. In today’s world self confidence is something which is highly required to deal with many problems and opportunities in life. Self-confidence is being sure about your decisions, power and ability to do tasks or handle day to day life. In our… Read More »


“Divorce” is a very small word to listen and we might have said this 100 times to our partner in anger that “I want divorce” but when it actually happens it has many adverse affects on the life of the victim. It may lead to loneliness, depression & other financial issues. Sometimes inspite of so… Read More »

How to be Happy

Happiness is not something which can be learned in school and applied in real life but it is a feeling which come from inside. Happiness is a feeling of satisfaction, joy & having a clear mindset in all problems. Every time no one can feel jolly, satisfied so how can we become happy for a… Read More »


Despite of the fact that which age group you belongs to taking care of yourself is very necessary. There is no age to love and pamper yourself and we should never leave a chance to do that. Sleep, wake up, work and repeat this is what most of people are doing as life became so… Read More »


Depression is still a taboo in our Indian society but my friend “Kuch to log kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna”. In my opinion, Depression is as normal as going to office, eating food & other normal routine of life. It’s a situation where a person feels extremely sad, loss interested in almost everything and… Read More »


In my opinion, difficult people are the one with whom you don’t feel comfortable, who show extra care on your face but always criticize you on your back, who find negative in all the things & who never value your inputs and think that they are master of all traits. Dealing with difficult people needs… Read More »


Human life is all about changes in every phase of their life but marriage is one of the biggest changes which can happen to anyone. Is it good or bad that we will discuss later in this blog but yes for both men & women this change is important and beauty of life rely in… Read More »